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Han Li was rather surprised to see this, but his body immediately swayed, following which he abruptly appeared on the summit of the small mountain before tapping it with the tips of his toes.

Grey light immediately began to surge around the small black mountain, and it swelled drastically to 3,000 feet in size.

The elderly man had been able to just barely hoist up the small mountain in its former state, and his expression changed drastically in the face of this sudden development. His feet began to sink into the ground, and soon, he had been buried up to his calves.

This was an indication that the elderly man's strength alone wasn't enough to keep the mountain at bay, thereby forcing him to transfer some of the force into the ground beneath his feet.

Han Li looked on expressionlessly as he stomped down onto the small mountain again.

The Divine Essencefused Mountain was extraordinarily heavy to begin with, and with Han Li's assistance, the black mountain was able to crash down once again, completely crushing the elderly man beneath it amid a rumbling boom.

However, Han Li only became warier upon seeing this. He was certainly not going to be deluded into thinking that a Body Integration Stage being would be so easy to kill. Thus, he made a hand seal with one hand while his other pristine white palm pressed down toward the black mountain. Grey light flashed over the surface of the mountain, and it continued to expand at a dramatic rate. At the same time, a burst of five-colored flames also surged forth from his fingers before spreading over the ground at the foot of the mountain. A layer of five-colored ice was instantly formed, transforming the ground down below in a radius of several hundred feet into a frosty glacial land. At this point, the black mountain had already swelled to over 10,000 feet tall, making it comparable to a real mountain.

Even so, Han Li still showed no signs of stopping. Spiritual light flashed from his body, and he shot forth toward one side as a streak of azure light before abruptly disappearing into thin air.

Immediately thereafter, a burst of low buzzing suddenly rang out in the air around the black mountain. A series of small azure swords emerged before transforming into palm-sized azure lotus flowers amid a flash of azure light.

These lotus flowers rotated on the spot, and countless lotus flower projections surfaced around them before gradually taking on a more substantial form.

All of a sudden, lotus flowers had concealed the entire sky, and they formed a massive barrier of light to completely ensnare the elderly man within. Han Li had taken advantage of this brilliant opportunity to activate his Spring Dawn Sword Formation.

Right at this moment, a roar of fury erupted from beneath the mountain, following which a string of incantation chants rang out.

Wisps of crimson light suddenly surfaced in the surrounding air. In the beginning, there were only around a dozen or so

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