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The island was several hundred kilometers in size, and even though these serpentine women were slithering quite quickly, it would still most likely take them a long time to reach the center of the island.

However, with Yan Wu leading the way, a crude shack appeared up ahead after the group had traveled for several kilometers. There were a few male and female serpentine beings inside, looking after a dozen or so lizard beasts. On the other end of the shack was a black carriage that had been covered by a black cloth made from some unknown material.

As soon as they caught sight of their assistant priestess, two of them immediately rushed out to greet her in a respectful manner.

Yan Wu issued a few instructions in response while pointing at the aforementioned black carriage.

The two serpentine beings were seemingly rather surprised by what they'd heard, and they couldn't help but steal a few glances at Han Li while nodding emphatically in response.

They then immediately returned to the shack and strapped a pair of lizard beasts to the black carriage before drawing the other three over as well.

Thus, Han Li was carefully lifted onto the black carriage by the serpentine women, and two of them sat on the lizard beasts drawing the carriage while the others got onto the other three lizard beasts.

Due to the fact that these serpentine women were lacking legs, there was a tubular saddle strapped to the backs of each of these lizard beasts that allowed them to slide their tails into.

Thus, the group continued onward.

These lizard beasts were rather maladroit and made for a rather bumpy ride, but they were quite fast in their movements, making a significant improvement compared to the ground being covered before.

Four hours later, they arrived in front of an earthen city.

This was a true earthen city completely constructed from yellow mud, and it was only a few kilometers in size.

The buildings in the city were also mostly constructed from mud, and there were very few stone buildings within.

Han Li was slightly surprised to see this, but his expression remained unchanged as he cast his gaze toward the dozen or so serpentine guards standing at the city gates instead.

These guards were also mostly women with a minority of men among them, and all of them were wearing armor constructed from unknown materials. They were all holding shimmering silver halberds with long silver projectiles on their backs, giving off the impression that they were armed to the teeth. From a distance, Han Li could tell that there were also many armed serpentine beings standing atop the nearby earthen walls, and it seemed that all of them were on high alert.

After arriving at the city gates, Yan Wu brought her lizard steed to a halt before jumping down from its back.

A serpentine woman among the guards at the gates immediately made her way toward Yan Wu before extending a smiling greeting.

Yan Wu also said something in

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