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72 projections of small swords shot forth from within his sleeve before disappearing into the bamboo plants in a flash, following which he made a hand seal, and an astonishing scene ensued.

Thunderclaps erupted from all of the Golden Lightning Bamboo plants as they instantly wilted, then turned a greyish-white color as if they were long dead.

A gentle breeze swept past, and all of the plants instantly disappeared into dust.

What remained in their place were 72 azure flying swords, each of which around a foot in length, hovering in mid-air while shimmering with cold light.

Han Li swept a hand through the air, and one of the flying swords flew toward him before landing in his grasp. Han Li inspected the azure flying sword for a moment, then abruptly flicked a finger onto the flat part of the blade. Azure light immediately shimmered over the surface of the sword, and a long dragon roar rang out as the sword wobbled like a squirming azure wyrm.

Han Li raised an eyebrow upon seeing this, and brilliant spiritual light suddenly erupted from his palm as he held onto the sword, injecting bursts of astonishing spiritual power into the sword.

The sword instantly began to flash erratically with azure light, turning the entire sword into an indistinct blur. Han Li's eyes narrowed as he extended a finger toward the sword, only for his finger to pass through it without any impediment, as if the flying sword were merely an illusion.

Han Li was ecstatic to see this, and he made a hand seal before sweeping his spiritual sense toward all of the flying swords. The 72 flying swords rose up into the air at once, circling around before disappearing into Han Li's body. Han Li then flew out of the medicine garden as a streak of azure light and moments later, he appeared at the foot of the giant mountain where his cave abode was situated.

A streak of azure light then ascended before flying toward the opposite direction of the sea of Black Infernal Mist.

With the powerful spiritual sense of the three Body Integration Stage beings in the distance, there were no concealment measures that Han Li could take that would allow him to avoid detection.

Thus, he made no effort to conceal himself at all as he blatantly flew away into the distance.

Loud rumbling booms were erupting in the distance amid piercing flashes of spiritual light. Even if those two foreign beings wanted to hunt him down, they were currently too busy to do so.

Han Li was only escaping now as he'd identified this as a brilliant opportunity.

In the distance, the white-robed man that had transformed into the massive monster was blasting forth countless arcs of azure lightning from his hands to force back the oncoming skeletal bird. All of a sudden, he turned toward the direction that Han Li was fleeing in, and a cold light flashed through his eyes.

"Don't get distracted, Brother Min; let's kill this thing first. If we pile on a bit more pressure, it won't b

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