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Han Li was greatly surprised by what Di Xue said. Infusing Divine Devilbane Lightning into a complete formation and infusing lightning during the formation engraving process were two entirely different things.

The former was far easier and the latter required step by step coordination. It would require much attention as one would imagine. Could that be the reason why Di Xue was kind earlier?

Han Li still felt uncertain, but his face remained unchanged and he readily agreed.

Di Xue nodded with a satisfied expression in response to Han Li’s respectful display.

He then flew off several steps to the side of the puppet.

He shook his sleeve and summoned a faint red bottle from his sleeve.

Di Xue raised his hand and flicked the bottle.

Its lid opened, shooting out a ball of purple liquid. It circled once in the air before stopping and shining with a faint light.

Di Xue shrouded himself crimson robes, but his eyes turned grave as his hands formed a chain of mysterious incantation gestures.

A strange voice suddenly sounded from behind Han Li, “Fellow Daoist Han, be careful! The set of talisman formation inscriptions will cause wonders to emerge from the puppet. I’ll explain a bit more in a moment. It’ll depend on you how many mysteries you’ll be able to comprehend. The more you understand, the easier it’ll be to cooperate with me.”

In his alarm, he turned around to find another crimson-robed man. He seemed to be there this entire time, but Han Li hadn’t detected his presence.

Han Li cupped his hand and respectfully said, “Many thanks, Senior, for imparting the talisman formation to me. I will be diligent.”

The crimson-robed man waved his hand, signaling hat Han Li should be paying attention to the actions of the other crimson-robed man.

Han Li looked back over and saw that he was holding a different incantation gesture with one hand. He was chopping his other hand at the ball of purple liquid.

A bang sounded and a small fraction of the purple liquid slit off and burst into fist-sized talisman characters, then shooting off towards the huge armor.

In a flash of light, a series of talisman characters disappeared into the armor, but a series of low hums immediately sounded immediately after and the talisman characters reappeared on the armor’s surface.

Seeingly waving his fingers with the weight of a boulder, the talisman characters began to reorganize. In the blink of an eye, they transformed into a three-meter-wide purple outline of the formation.

A few talisman characters repeatedly transformed inside as if they had yet to take shape.

As Han Li was entranced, the crimson-robed man to the side explained, “This talisman formation is called golden engraving. It has no other use than to make the armor more durable, allowing it to withstand attacks from ordinary magic treasures without damage. The formation is divided into three layers. The first layer is...”

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