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Liu Zu immediately swept his spiritual sense toward Mu Qing's location upon seeing this, and his eyes immediately lit up in response to what he discovered.

"Good! Your concealment formation really is quite extraordinary, Fellow Daoist Mu. As long as the Infernal Lightning Beast doesn't focus its search on this specific area, there's no way that it'll be able to find us."

Liu Zu then waved a hand and flew toward the green light barrier, followed closely by the two crimson-robed figures, the Purpleblood Puppet, and the white-haired beauty.

Green light flashed, and all of them disappeared into thin air, leaving Han Li standing alone on the spot.

Moments later, the black bead on his glabella flashed, and he slowly flew into the air above the black light barrier. After that, he remained hovering completely motionlessly in mid-air, completely out in the open.

The demon monarchs concealed under the restriction each produced a crimson saber. The short sabers were no more than three feet in length, and their design was quite peculiar.

Following an instruction from Liu Zu, the demon monarchs quickly injected their demonic power into their crimson sabers. Brilliant crimson light flashed and tremored like a series of blood vipers writhing in the air.

The crimson sabers began to emit a low ringing sound, and the demon monarchs were ready for the next step.

Everyone failed to notice that the puppet-like Han Li suddenly moved his hand surreptitiously within his sleeves.

In one hand, a silver talisman appeared amid a flash of silver light, while seven or eight azure beads had rolled soundlessly into his other hand.

Han Li hadn't actually lost control over his consciousness, and he'd actually retained his sentient will.

However, at this moment, he was rapidly contemplating his situation in a conflicted manner.

Back when Mu Qing and the others had immobilized him, thereby forcing him to accept the black bead that flew into his body, he'd thought that he really was in deep trouble.

However, much to his surprise and elation, the black bead only caused his consciousness to fade for a split second before it was completely engulfed by the Law Destruction Eye hidden in his glabella.

Thus, his consciousness returned, and Han Li himself had initially also been rather perplexed about this.

Only after hearing from Liu Zu that this black bead was the Law Destruction Eye of a Ci Lie Beast did he realize what had happened.

He already possessed a Law Destruction Eye of his own, so it naturally wasn't strange that his Law Destruction Eye was capable of nullifying and absorbing an ability unleashed by a treasure of the same nature.

There was nothing wrong with Liu Zu's plan, nor his execution, but never would he have thought that Han Li would possess a Law Destruction Eye of his own.

After a brief period of contemplation, Han Li decided to go along with what they were doing, pretending to be under their con

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