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The white-haired beauty was struggling to withstand the attacks from the two streaks of silver light while expending a portion of her magic power to delay the rate at which the black formation was descending from above, so she was completely unable to do anything to Han Li.

However, in her fit of rage, she still gritted her teeth as she swept a hand toward the streak of azure light from afar.

During this split-second lapse in concentration, the formation descended by around another 10 feet.

The white-haired beauty's heart jolted with shock upon seeing this, and she immediately injected more power into her war hammer, spurring on the eight skulls to blast more green Yin flames out of their mouths, thereby slowing down the formation's descent again.

At this moment, Han Li was about to reach the exit when his expression suddenly changed drastically, and he abruptly diverged away from his original route.

Immediately thereafter, Yin Qi converged in the air right above where he had been just a moment ago, and a grey ghostly claw appeared before swiping down like lightning.

The pitch-black claws were around 10 feet in length each with green flames revolving around them, and as they swept through the air, even space itself was twisted and warped.

If it weren't for the fact that Han Li had reacted extremely quickly and evaded well in advance, he would've been struck by that attack.

Thankfully, even though the attack was devastatingly powerful, all of its power was dedicated to a single strike, so the ghostly claws immediately disappeared amid a dull thump after failing to make contact with Han Li.

Han Li was quite elated to see this, yet just as he was about to fly toward the exit again, a sharp screech suddenly rang out from behind him.

At the same time, a sharp gust of wind hurtled toward him, and his expression changed drastically as his body turned into a blur, covering several tens of feet in a rapid lateral movement.

At this moment, a streak of green light flashed past the spot where he'd just been situated, then immediately disappeared.

Han Li abruptly made a hand seal without even turning his head while he swept his other sleeve back behind him.

Brilliant golden light immediately erupted from his back, manifesting a golden projection with three heads and six arms, and the projection lashed with ferocious might with all six of its fists in unison.

Six fist projections appeared before combining to form a powerful gust of golden wind that swept through the air.

Meanwhile, a dozen or so azure beads emerged from his sleeve before flying out behind him as well.

At the same time, Han Li activated his Provenance True Devil Arts to its maximal extent, and a layer of golden scales appeared over his body. Simultaneously, black Qi revolved around him, and a suit of black resentful armor also surfaced.

In the instant that this suit of black armor appeared, a loud thunderclap erupted, and a l

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