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After devouring so much azure tribulation lightning, the golden net above Han Li's head swelled to several times its original size, encompassing an area over 200 feet in size.

As soon as the first wave of tribulation lightning ceased, even thicker bolts of azure lightning materialized up above before crashing down as the second wave.

Han Li made a hand seal before extending a finger and rapidly scribbling something in the air with his fingertip.

Golden light flashed and a shimmering golden rune was inscribed in mid-air. Following an explosive thunderclap, the rune transformed into a bolt of golden lightning that hurtled up toward the air.

The golden arc of lightning then disappeared into the golden lightning net in a flash, causing the entire net to tremor.

The balls of light that were hovering within the net of golden lightning converged toward the same spot to form a vast expanse of golden light, within which runes were shimmering erratically.

During this split-second, the second wave of azure lightning was already descending with devastating might.

The same scenes appeared again.

The powerful bolts of azure lightning quickly disappeared without a trace into the vast expanse of golden light. However, the second wave of tribulation lightning was far more powerful than the first, as evidenced by the fact that the vast expanse of golden light was tremoring violently from the lightning strikes while the golden net of lightning continued to expand.

Moments later, a series of cracks finally began to appear amid the golden light, and it was slowly being vanquished by the tribulation lightning.

Without the golden light posing as an obstacle, the bolts of tribulation lightning struck the net of lightning directly.

The two clashed, and golden and azure light intertwined, creating a thunderous commotion.

Despite how ferociously powerful the bolts of heavenly lightning were, the golden lightning net remained resolute, managing to keep most of the azure lightning at bay.

The occasional stray bolts of heavenly lightning that managed to sneak through were all vanquished by Han Li's Divine Essencefused Light.

Standing atop the mountain summit, Han Li looked up at the dark clouds overhead, but showed no intention of unleashing his Divine Devilbane Lightning. He seemed to have some other course of action in mind.

After a while, the golden net of lightning was finally shattered, and the second wave of tribulation lightning also ceased.

However, the dark clouds in the sky were only surging more violently, and within the span of a few breaths, balls of azure lightning had appeared up above.

Each ball was around the size of a human fist, and they were clearly imbued with far more power than the bolts from the previous wave of tribulation lightning.

Han Li adopted a more serious expression as one of his hands turned white while the other turned black, and he thrust both palms into the air.

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