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Following a string of resounding booms, Han Li unleashed his Divine Devilbane Lightning, and just as the Infernal Lightning Beast paused to devour the lightning, he rustled his sleeve to send three specks of golden light hurtling through the air.

They were none other than three mature Gold Devouring Beetles!

The Infernal Lightning Beast had just devoured the arcs of golden lightning with relish when it saw the golden beetles flying toward it. It faltered slightly in response before opening its mouth in a nonchalant manner.

An arc of silver lightning erupted forth before splitting into three to strike the golden beetles.

Thus, the beetles were completely inundated by lightning following three loud thunderclaps.

However, in the next instant, a hint of surprise flashed through the Infernal Lightning Beast's golden eyes.

After the lightning receded, the three spirit insects were revealed, and not only had they not been reduced to dust, they had instead swelled to several times their original size as they continued flying toward the beast.

Even though the Infernal Lightning Beast's intelligence couldn't compare to that of a human, it had cultivated to an extremely high level, so it certainly wasn't some brainless buffoon.

It had identified that these three beetles were rather peculiar, and it didn't dare to treat them with disdain any longer as it swept a set of claws through the air.

Three streaks of azure claw projections immediately hurtled forth, swelling drastically mid-flight before striking the three golden beetles.

The claw projections exploded amid a sharp screech, and azure light inundated the three golden beetles.

Gusts of fierce spiritual winds scattered in all directions as the world's origin Qi in the surrounding area was sucked away by the azure light, and it was as if the entire space there was going to collapse.

The Infernal Lightning Beast seemed to be extremely confident in that attack, and it didn't even bother to check the result before it shot forth toward Han Li again.

However, a faint buzzing sound then rang out from within the azure light, and an incredulous look appeared on the beast's face.

Golden light flashed within the azure light, and the three golden beetles flew forth, reaching a spot that was only several tens of feet away from the Infernal Lightning Beast in just a few flashes.

Their bodies were shimmering with golden light, and they didn't appear to have been injured in the slightest.

The Infernal Lightning Beast was truly shocked this time, and a hint of ferocious killing intent welled up in its heart.

It immediately opened its mouth to expel a swath of silver light that swept up the three golden beetles.

The Gold Devouring Beetles were capable of devouring all things, but they were unable to immediately eat their way out of this silver light.

Thus, the Infernal Lightning Beast inhaled deeply, and the silver light swept back to send the t

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