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These silver threads were naturally none other than the strange infernal river fish that Han Li had seen at the beginning.

All of these fish were shaped like thin and long needles, and even though they couldn't do anything to high-grade demon beasts, they were most definitely lethal to low-grade demon beasts.

Mere moments later, most of the demon beasts that had charged into the passageway were punctured countless times and perished in the face of these silver fish.

The demon beasts behind them were greatly startled upon seeing this, and many of them conjured up protective barriers of spiritual light around their bodies. The profound ghosts and puppets around them also began to swing their weapons through the air, keeping most of the silver threads at bay.

However, there seemed to be no end to the silver threads emerging from the black light barriers.

One of the crimson-robed figures let loose a long cry, and all of the low-grade demon beasts charged toward the other side of the chasm with all their might.

Even though they were all low-grade demon beast, they were still astonishingly fast when traveling at full speed.

Demonic Qi surged, and many of the demon beasts managed to cover a small portion of the passageway.

Right at this moment, a sudden turn of events abruptly unfolded! A series of black shadows appeared from the black light barriers amid bursts of unsettling cries.

Black creatures of different forms squeezed their way out of the light barriers, and some of them opened their mouths to blast forth white arrows of water, while others pounced onto the demon beasts and tore at their bodies with their sharp fangs.

All of the demon beasts that were struck by the arrows of water stiffened, then perished on the spot. Even those with protective spiritual light around their bodies seemed to be unable to withstand the infiltration of those arrows as black Qi began to surface from their bodies, and they only managed to last a few more steps before falling dead.

Meanwhile, the demon beasts that had been latched onto fanged black shadows only managed to thrash around violently for a short while before their bodies were reduced to puddles of putrid black liquid.

These black shadows all had lethal poisons in their mouths! "So those are Yin ghosts!" A blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and he looked on with a hint of shock in his heart.

Using his spirit eyes, he was naturally able to see everything. Those black shadows were comprised of countless body parts thrown together in all types of different random configurations, and they were all zombie-like ghostly beings without any intelligence. All they did was charge toward the living demon beasts with all their might, completely ignoring the puppets and ghostly soldiers.

Of course, there were tens of thousands of low-grade demon beasts in the chasm, and they were certainly far from completely defenseless. Following a period of panic and turm

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