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After Han Li put away the bamboo tube, Eccentric Di Xue enthusiastically chatted with Han Li for over an hour in the Yinflame Palace before the banquet was over.

Afterwards, with the guidance of the servant behind him, he was led to a quiet side chamber.

Han Li closed the door to the side chamber and immediately took out a set of formation flags with a flip of his hand. Then, he released them into the air, disappearing in a dozen streaks of light.

A barrier of rainbow light suddenly appeared in the room’s walls.

Han Li sighed and sat down cross-legged on a mat before his mind drifted off in thought.

Eccentric Di Xue’s courteous tone was truly out of place considering he was a Body Integration-grade demon monarch. It left Han Li with an odd feeling.

Could it be that the eccentric had spoken to him in that way because assisting in the puppet refinement would be incredibly difficult?

Han Li shook his head, feeling that it was unlikely. Even if Di Xue didn’t do that, Han Li wouldn’t have dared to hold back.

Apart from the mysterious Liu Zu, the beautiful woman surnamed Lan, Mu Qing, and Yun Yao were trying their best to entice him. Mu Qing in particular seemed entirely unwilling to let him contact the white-haired beauty.

It seemed in addition to having him eliminate the infernal river restriction, they had another reason for roping him in, most likely having to do with his Divine Devilbane Lightning.

As thoughts quickly formed in his mind, he began to analyze most matters related to this.

After a long while passed, he sighed and he closed his eyes once more.

Although he didn’t know what the demon monarchs of the earth abyss were conspiring, if he understood what actions he should take, he wouldn’t need to fear for his safety.

Han Li’s eyes flickered and soon after, he shook his sleeve, releasing tens of various styled and colored wood puppets. They circled in front of him as they floated in the air.

Blue light shined from his eyes and he began to examine the puppet.

From a long distance away, he wasn’t able to grasp the marvels of the spirit servant puppets, and he had no trouble pouring his spiritual sense into one of the puppets through his hand.

A short moment later, Han Li wore an odd expression as he tossed the puppet away and took another.

And he did it again, repeatedly. A while later, Han Li examined every one of the puppets.

The spell formations inside the puppets were profound and complex. With his current attainments in spell formations, he wasn’t able to see through their designs, but he was able to leave behind his imprint with ease.

But even Han Li wasn’t completely sure of this. After all, puppet techniques involving spirit servants were knowledge far beyond that of the mortal world.

Fortunately, Di Xue had given all related refinement techniques over to him. So long as he wholeheartedly studied them, he’d eventually come to understand them.

When tha

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