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The azure veil was sliced apart as if it were a papier-mache structure, and the chopper continued to descend toward Mu Qing.

Mu Qing's expression changed drastically, and only then did she realize just how dangerous this chopper was.

She wanted to try and evade, but it was already too late.

The chopper manifested a series of projections during its descent, all of which disappeared in a flash.

Mu Qing's heart jolted upon seeing this, and she only had time to conjure up a suit of azure armor over her body before a series of massive shimmering silver appeared around her in all directions.

As sharp screeching sound erupted from the surfaces of these giant blades, and bursts of frosty light emanated from them to form a watertight barricade around Mu Qing, affording her no avenues for escape nor evasion.

Mu Qing's face immediately turned deathly pale upon seeing this, but she then gritted her teeth before rustling both sleeves at once, and a short black rod appeared in each of her hands.

She swung these rods through the air, and mountainous staff projections instantly appeared before her, then crashed straight toward the massive blades around her.

Mu Qing was well aware of the fact that she had already lost the initiative, and that if she were to stay rooted to the spot, she would definitely be killed.

A rapid string of clangs rang out as the staff projections were able to smash open the frosty light, opening up an escape path for Mu Qing.

However, more waves of frosty light surged forth to replenish the chink that had been inflicted by the staff projections, and it was as if there were no end to this lethal light. All of a sudden, the two black rods were sliced apart by the frosty light, and the staff projections immediately faded as a result.

Mu Qing was stunned to see this, and she immediately withdrew her hands to try and unleash other abilities, only for the frosty light around her to completely inundate her body in a flash.

The suit of green armor that she was wearing only managed to remain intact for a few moments before it was also sliced apart, and a howl of anguish rang out, followed by deathly silence.

It appeared that Mu Qing had been killed, just like that.

The white-haired beauty looked on with wide eyes and her mouth gaped open, unable to believe what she had just witnessed. She was well aware of the fact that Mu Qing was definitely no less powerful than her, yet the crimson-armored puppet had managed to kill her in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

At this moment, the puppet pointed a finger toward the frosty light, and the light converged to form the silver chopper again.

Beneath the chopper, Mu Qing's body had been sliced into countless pieces, and her remains were hovering in mid-air. Strangely enough, the pieces of her body weren't shedding so much as a single drop of blood, as if she didn't even possess a body of flesh and blood.

The crimson-armored puppet me

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