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Many years ago, he'd unintentionally nurtured a shoot of Golden Lightning Bamboo, thereby allowing him to refine his Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords, as well as to attain the Divine Devilbane Lightning, but never would he have thought that this lightning would have such stunning origins, nor have some kind of special refinement method.

If the Divine Devilbane Lightning really was one of the five-elemental true lightnings of the Spirit Realm and its power could truly be significantly increased, then it would become staggeringly powerful. In that case, it would immediately become one of his trump cards. Being able to master his Divine Devilbane Lightning would certainly be a good thing, but having to go to this infernal river place was most definitely going to incur a massive risk for him.

If he weren't careful, it was quite possible that he could die in the process. Thankfully, it appeared that there were still around six years left before he'd have to face that ordeal, so he could carefully consider his situation during that time, perhaps allowing him to devise some kind of plan to avoid this peril.

Furthermore, it was quite a surprise to see Yuan Yao again here. Many years ago, she'd been willing to sacrifice her own Core Formation Stage cultivation base to save Yan Li, and that was naturally worthy of respect and admiration.

However, after the passage of so many years, it was yet to be seen whether she was still someone who cherished her bond with others. After all, the most fickle thing in this world was one's heart.

However, Yuan Yao had refrained from revealing the fact that they were acquaintances, and that was quite a relief to Han Li.

Even though he didn't have to hide the fact that he was merely impersonating Flying Spirit Tribe being, he still didn't want his true origins to be revealed to the earth abyss demon monarchs.

Han Li silently recalled all of the memories he had of Yuan Yao. They had met on several occasions, the first of which was in the secret chamber within the Heavenvoid Hall. At the time, she was bathing in a spring, and the image of her flawless body flashed through his mind, sending a slight stir through Han Li's heart.

However, Nangong Wan's figure then surfaced from the bottom of his heart, and a sense of clarity immediately returned to Han Li's mind. After so many years, if everything had gone smoothly, she would've most likely reached the Deity Transformation Stage in the human world as well.

Han Li wondered how long it would take for him to be reunited with his beloved Dao Companion here in the Spirit Realm. Nangong Wan's appearance and voice, as well as the memories of the intimate times they'd spent in the Heavenly South Region flashed through Han Li's mind, and a faint smile appeared on his face as he basked in those warm memories.

A long while later, when Nangong Wan's voice gradually faded from his mind, another set of exquisitely beautiful facial features surfaced in h

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