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"So that means only my tracking mark still remains in his body!" The white-haired beauty's expression darkened even further.

They had taken a massive risk to venture into the infernal river, and if they couldn't secure the Divine Infernal River Elixir nor the devilish treasures, then they would've expended so much effort and incurred all that risk for nothing.

Strangely enough, Liu Zu remained very calm, and the crimson-robed figure also quickly calmed down following that initial fit of rage.

Both of them seemed to be contemplating something while the white-haired beauty sat down in mid-air with her legs crossed. At the same time, the eight ghost monarchs behind her transformed into a burst of Yin Qi that surrounded her body, thereby enhancing her cultivation base significantly to allow her to try and activate the tracking seal within Han Li's body with all her might.

The black Qi surged erratically around her, and harrowing ghostly cries erupted from within. It was quite clear that the white-haired beauty was drawing on all the power she was capable of.

Time slowly passed, and close to two hours flew by in the blink of an eye, yet the white-haired beauty still hadn't succeeded in her efforts.

Liu Zu and the crimson-robed figure merely waited patiently in silence, and neither of them tried to hurry her.

A short while later, the white-haired beauty's enraged voice finally rang out.

"My tracking mark has also ben destroyed. There's no way that he could've done this on his own; could this be Mu Qing's handiwork?"

The black Qi dissipated to reveal the white-haired beauty with a thunderous expression on her face.

"It could well be Fellow Daoist Mu. She seems to be even more interested in the treasures of the devilish tomb than she is in the divine elixir," the crimson-robed figure mused as he stroked his chin.

Despite their wiles, none of the demon monarchs had imagined that Yuan Yao and Yan Li would be capable of unleashing a Yin-Qi-gathering secret technique that could help Han Li eradicate the tracking marks one by one. Of course, that was also due to the fact that the ghost Dao cultivation arts they were using really were quite unique.

A thought suddenly occurred to the white-haired beauty, and she asked, "Regardless of who's behind this, I'll make sure they pay for what they’ve done! Brother Di Xue, those devilish artifacts are more important to you than either Brother Liu Zu or myself, right? Despite that, you've managed to keep remarkably calm; could it be that you have some other tricks up your sleeve?"

Liu Zu also turned toward the crimson-robed figure with a hint of a smile on his face.

The crimson-robed figure chuckled in response before replying, "I did indeed plant something else on Han brat's body, but it'll still be quite difficult to find him. I won't be able to track him down as accurately as I could with my tracking mark, but I should be able to ascertain his approximate locat

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