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Two days passed by in the blink of an eye.

At the summit of a nameless massive mountain, there was a huge spell formation that was around 1,000 feet in radius.

There were eight tall platforms around the formation, atop each of which stood a giant flag with golden and silver runes shimmering on those flags.

Han Li stood at the center of the formation, while the elderly man, Yuan Yao, and Yan Li stood outside it.

High up in the misty sky, there was a barely visible white rift that was over 1,000 feet in length.

"Fellow Daoist Han, I can borrow the power of this spatial rift in the infernal river and use the formation to teleport you away, but I can't guarantee your destination. However, it's most likely the case that you'll still end up in an area somewhere near or within the Flying Spirit Race," the elderly man said.

"Thank you for your words of cautions, Senior," Han Li replied in a respectful voice.

"Alright, it's about time we began. I'll activate the formation and send you away from the infernal river. By the way, take this with you; when you've collected enough items, you can follow the instructions on that thing to return to the infernal river again. That thing is a disposable treasure, and I only have one, so look after it well." The elderly man raised a hand, and two items were sent flying toward Han Li.

Han Li hurriedly caught the items before focusing his gaze on them, following which he immediately exclaimed, "A Star Defying Plate?"

The two items in his hands were a round plate that was shimmering with white light and a blue jade slip.

"Oh? I'm surprised you know of this thing. However, this is only a replica of a Star Defying Plate, but the materials required to refine this thing are extremely hard to find. I originally refined a few of these, but I've used up all of them aside from this one. Inside that jade slip contains the method for you to access the infernal river using that plate; you can take a good look at it later. Aside from that, you can have your Gold Devouring Beetles back as well," the elderly man said as he swept a sleeve through the air.

An azure flash of light emerged from within his sleeve, quickly revealing itself to be a miniature wooden tower.

The treasure rotated in mid-air, and two specks of golden light flew out from within.

Those were none other than the Gold Devouring Beetles that the elderly man had taken.

Han Li was ecstatic to see this, and he immediately extended a hand to draw the beetles back to him.

"You're incredibly fortunate to have been able to nurture mature Gold Devouring Beetles, Fellow Daoist Han, but let me tell you this; mature Gold Devouring Beetles may be quite fearsome, but they can only display their true power in large numbers. If only a few are unleashed at once, it'd be quite easy for a high-grade cultivator to trap them using a wood-attribute treasure. As opposed to focusing on these beetles, it would be more beneficial to

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