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However, Han Li didn't want any unforeseen elements affecting his plans, so a hint of killing intent welled up in his heart as he injected his spiritual sense into his spirit beast bracelet.

Following a loud ape cry, a streak of black light surged through the air, heading for one side of the entrance while he revealed himself and pounced toward the other side.


"Who goes there?"

Two cries of surprise erupted from either side of the palace's entrance.

Gusts of Yin winds were swept up from one end, following which a massive two-headed skeleton appeared.

On the other side, the pungent odor of blood and gore wafted through the air as a white-furred zombie with a pair of crimson eyes emerged. The zombie had a pair of green wings on its back that were extremely rank and putrid.

Black light flashed, and a giant ape appeared. It then immediately let loose a cold harrumph, blasting a burst of yellow light out of its nostrils toward the two-headed skeleton.

A burst of eerie cackling rang out from the skeleton's mouths as its arms blurred through the air, creating countless claw projections.

This high-grade ghostly being was clearly very confident in its body and wanted to tear the soul-devouring light apart with its bare hands, rather than fleeing the scene like the white-robed ghostly woman had.

As soon as the two made contact with one another, the claw projections were immediately vanquished by the yellow light, which then surged onward to sweep up the skeleton's bony claws.

Yellow light flashed, and the two-headed skeleton let loose a howl of anguish as its bone claws disintegrated into clouds of black mist.

The skeleton was shocked by this turn of events, and it hurriedly attempted to hurtle back in retreat, but it was too late.

The yellow light continued onward, sweeping up the skeleton's entire body, transforming it into a dense cloud of black mist that was then sucked into the Weeping Soul Beast's mouth.

The beast then let loose a cry of elation before turning to appraise Han Li, just in time to see Han Li hovering above the white-furred zombie while pointing a finger toward the Divine Essencefused Mountain. The mountain had expanded to over 100 feet in size, and it had trapped the ghostly being down below.

Meanwhile, two golden-armored projections had appeared, and both of them were in the process of withdrawing their weapons from the zombie's body. One of them was wielding a spear with arcs of golden lightning surging along its entire length, and the spear had punctured the zombie's heart, creating a charred wound. As for the dual sabers, they had been withdrawn from the zombie's back, following which a layer of white light flashed, and the zombie's repugnant wings were sealed in translucent glacial ice.

Han Li didn't spur on the two projections to kill this ghostly being. Instead, he indicated for the Weeping Soul Beast to do the honors.

The Weeping Soul Beast faltered sl

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