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Han Li's heart jolted upon hearing this. Even though he'd already suspected this to be the case, the man's question clearly indicated that they were still situated in the infernal river.

Han Li paused for a moment to prepare a response before replying, "The two of us were forced to enter the infernal river with those intruders. Thankfully, we were able to escape from them, and it would be nothing short of disastrous for us if we were to encounter them again."

Han Li's reply was a little ambiguous, but the elderly man merely nodded in a nonchalant manner as he said, "You don't have to worry about offending me. I'm only residing here as I made a deal with the elders of the Mayfly Race, so as long as this space isn't under threat, I won't do anything to intervene. However, I'm rather interested in those intruders, seeing as they were able to enter the infernal river through another space and defeat all of the puppets stationed here by the Mayfly Race. They must be quite powerful in their own respects, right? "

"Your wisdom is unmatched, Senior! All of them are demon monarchs at the mid-Body Integration Stage or late-Body Integration Stage, so they're certainly all immensely powerful," Han Li replied with a wry smile.

"Those people must've forced you here because they want to make use of your Divine Devilbane Lightning. Seeing as they've already secured the Divine Infernal River Elixir yet still aren't willing to release you, then they must also intend to raid the devilish tomb. Hmph, their greed will spell their deaths!" the elderly man chuckled coldly with a derisive sneer on his face.

"Is there something wrong with the devilish tomb, Senior?" Han Li asked carefully.

"Very much so! Those intruders are in for a nasty surprise once they enter the area where the devilish artifacts are being stored. Not long ago, one of the devilish artifacts there managed to cultivate a human form and devoured all of the other devilish artifacts, thereby attaining a paramount devilish body. Even I wouldn't be able to defeat that thing; let alone those intruders. In fact, they may not even be able to escape alive," the elderly man explained with a hint of a smile on his face.

"Paramount devilish body!" Han Li's lips twitched upon hearing this.

If he recalled correctly, that was the peak of cultivation that all devilish cultivators strove toward.

"That thing is hidden in the deepest part of the devilish Qi within the devilish tomb and is focused wholeheartedly on cultivation, so without your Divine Devilbane Lightning, those demon monarchs may not even be able to get to it. Of course, if they're too stubborn and insist on infuriating that thing, then that would be a whole different story. By the way, the two of you have another companion, right?" the elderly man suddenly asked.

"I have a junior martial sister who was separated from us. How do you know of this, Senior?" Yan Li hurriedly replied.

"Aside from the two of you, th

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