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The crimson-robed figure's expression changed upon seeing these giant blades, and brilliant crimson light erupted from its body as it prepared to unleash another ability.

However, right at this moment, the five giant blades suddenly twisted outward before disappearing on the spot. In the next instant, they appeared at the edge of the cloud of blood mist like five massive doors, emitting a vast expanse of five-colored light.

The five-colored light swept the crimson cloud aside without any impediment, and a horrified look finally appeared on the crimson-robed figure's face.

He didn't have time to unleash any other secret techniques, so he could only hurriedly sweep his sleeves through the air while opening his mouth at the same time.

A small azure shield, a thin crimson veil, and a round bowl were blasted forth at once.

The three treasures were radiating scintillating light, and it was quite apparent that they were all extraordinarily powerful treasures.

As soon as they were unleashed, they transformed into three barriers of light of different colors, shielding the crimson-robed figure within.

After doing all that, the crimson-robed figure abruptly inhaled before expelling a few mouthfuls of blood essence, then raised a hand to summon a purple talisman. The talisman disappeared into the ball of blood essence in a flash, following which the ball exploded to form a cloud of blood mist that settled over the crimson-robed figure.

Immediately thereafter, a suit of purple armor surfaced over his body.

This suit of armor was extremely intricately crafted, and there were arcs of electricity crackling over its surface, making it appear as if it were some kind of ethereal otherworldly treasure.

At this moment, the five-colored light had brushed aside the cloud of blood mist and reached the crimson-robed figure.

Following a few crisp cracks, the three protective light barriers that had been set up were also shattered in quick succession before the five-colored light crashed heavily into the crimson-robed figure's body.

The purple suit of armor flashed with brilliant light, and it finally kept the five-colored light at bay...

But only for a split-second!

In the next instant, the five-colored light began to revolve around the suit of armor, and it was sliced in half at the waist.

The crimson-robed figure possessed countless abilities, but none of them stood a chance against this seemingly unstoppable streak of five-colored light.

A hint of despair flashed through the crimson-robed figure's eye as over 100 talismans and a dozen or so treasures of different forms erupted from his body. However, his last-ditch efforts proved to be futile in the end, and all of these objects were pulverized in mere moments by the five-colored light.

A bloodcurdling cry rang out as the five-colored light completely inundated the crimson-robed figure, and not even his soul had been able to escape.

A cold light

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