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"I've already cultivated this treasure to be one with my soul, so even if you take it away from here, I can recover it at a whim. On top of that, you won't be able to make use of the treasure's full power, especially not in that puppet body of yours. I'll impart upon you a mantra for you to activate the power of your spiritual sense to control the Five Dragon Chopper. Even though you won't be able to wield this treasure for long, it should be more than enough to take care of those intruders. However, if you choose to do this, the spiritual sense that you've infused into this puppet will be severely damaged; are you sure you want to take this course of action?" the elderly man asked.

Green eyes flashed in the puppet's eyes upon hearing this, and it quickly replied, "If we don't stop these outsiders, I'll be punished by the elders of our race even if I were to make a safe return. I'd rather take the risk and sacrifice this portion of my spiritual sense if required."

"Good. Seeing as that's the case, I'll teach you the mantra right away," the elderly man chuckled before his voice trailed off.

However, the crimson-armored puppet's eyes were flashing incessantly with rapt focus as if it were listening intently to something.

After a while, the puppet exhaled before extending a final respectful bow toward the cave. "Thank you for your kindness, Senior. I must make haste, so I'll be taking my leave now."

"Not so fast. Here's a vial of pills; feed them to the other ghostly beings. As long as these ghostly beings can recover their powers, they'll be of assistance to you. The Yin Water Essence you gave me is quite precious, so I'll throw in the pills to make it a fair trade."

A gust of wind swept forth out of the cave, sending a white jade vial flying toward the puppet.

The crimson-armored puppet was naturally ecstatic to see this, and it immediately stowed the jade vial away before bidding farewell to the elderly man in the cave again. The ghostly beings also departed in silence behind the puppet.

Meanwhile, Liu Zu and the others were flying through the air above a forest filled with dead trees when a large horde of flying skeletons suddenly flew toward them from the forest down below.

These skeletons appeared to be remains of some kind of insect beast; all of them had extremely large front limbs that were like pairs of massive bone blades, and their bodies were enshrouded in balls of yellow Qi as they charged toward the army of puppets and ghostly soldiers.

In order to conserve their magic power, Liu Zu and the others refrained from engaging these insect skeletons in battle. Instead, the puppets and ghostly soldiers were deployed to face the oncoming enemies.

Swaths of saber projections and sword Qi hurtled through the air amid gusts of Yin winds, quickly slicing these skeletons into countless pieces. However, a peculiar scene then ensued.

Regardless of how severely damaged the skeletons were or how many p

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