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"Fellow Daoist Han, prepare to unleash your Lightningwield Technique when we give the signal," Liu Zu instructed in an implacable voice as he hovered over the center of the giant spell formation.

Han Li nodded and made a hand seal, upon which arcs of golden lightning immediately began to revolve around his body. A lightning net appeared before swelling drastically, then transforming into a ball of golden light amid a resounding boom.

Golden runes flew in all directions, and the golden ball hovered gently over his palm.

At this point, Han Li ceased what he was doing and stood off to the side with the golden ball above his hand.

Liu Zu and the others then began breaking the restriction.

Liu Zu and Mu Qing both began to chant something as the treasure being controlled by several tens of high-grade demon beasts down below began to glow with scintillating light, forming a formation that instantly gave rise to a massive black hole. Boundless world's origin Qi surged toward Liu Zu and Mu Qing in a frenzy from the surrounding air.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them had been completely enshrouded in rainbow spiritual light, and their bodies shimmered as if they were a pair of divine deities.

On the other end, the white-haired beauty stood in front of the eight black shadows, and brought her hands together before separating them again, producing a small pitch-black bell in the process.

The bell was extremely antiquated, and there were even chips missing from the edges.

Meanwhile, one of the crimson-robed figures stood atop the shoulder of the Purpleblood Puppet while the other descended on top of the head of the giant metallic puppet that had just taken shape.

The Purpleblood Puppet let loose a low roar and rubbed its hand together before producing a purple blood ax that was around 100 feet in length.

The surface of the ax was shimmering with crimson light, and the puppet raised it high above its head with both hands, aiming it directly at the river down below.

The metallic puppet also raised its giant blade at the crimson-robed figure's behest, and black light began to shimmer over the surface of the blade.

At this moment, Liu Zu finally thrust a palm forward amid an explosive boom.

A pillar of black light shot forth from his hand, and this one was several times thicker than the one he'd unleashed in the spatial passageway. As the pillar of light hurtled through the air, the surrounding space warped and twisted as if it were being folded in on itself.

The pillar of light disappeared into the water in a flash, and the seemingly dead infernal river initially displayed no reaction. However, as the pillar of black light continued to be injected into the river, the latter finally began to change.

Ripples began to appear over its surface, following which the water in the river began to rotate in a frenzy around the pillar of light, and it was only accelerating amid a dull rumbling noise.

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