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The demon monarchs discussed many things in front of Han Li, but none of them mentioned Han Li in their subsequent discussion.

At this point, Han Li had already backed away to the side, and was secretly inspecting these demon monarchs.

In all honesty, the two most mysterious and unfathomable beings among these four demon monarchs were Liu Zu and Di Xue. The former was emanating a frosty aura that was extremely unsettling, and he didn't even seem to be a living being.

If it weren't for the fact that it was clearly moving and speaking, Han Li would've been led to suspect that he was an inanimate object.

The latter was also quite unfathomable to him as both of the red-robed figures were completely identical in every single way. Their voices, statures, and auras were both completely identical, and both of them were referred to as Di Xue, thereby further adding to Han Li's confusion.

As for Mu Qing and the white-haired beauty, Han Li had roughly gleaned their origins. Mu Qing's body was enshrouded in a layer of black that even his Brightsight Spirit Eyes were unable to see through, but he could glean a faint wisp of green through the black light.

In conjunction with the extremely pure wood-attribute spiritual power emanating from her body, Han Li was almost certain that she was a rare wood spirit demon, but he didn't know what kind of spirit wood her true body consisted of.

As for the white-haired beauty, her body contained the densest Yin Qi that he had ever seen.

Furthermore, judging from the conversation between the demon monarchs, Han Li could determine that she was a ghostly demon.

As such, the fact that she was able to manifest a body identical to that of a normal person was a sufficient indication of her power.

However, Han Li also noticed that Yuan Yao's body also contained dense Yin Qi, suggesting that she was also no longer a normal human. However, she wasn't a true ghostly being like the white-haired woman, so she had to have gone down a slightly different path.

Yan Li's situation was also identical to Yuan Yao's.

Judging from the auras emanating from their bodies, the two of them were only at the early-Deity Transformation Stage.

For them to be allowed to accompany the white-haired beauty with their cultivation bases suggested that the woman truly adored them, or was keeping them around for other purposes.

The discussion between the demon monarchs didn't last too long. There were occasional clashes of opinions, but they were quickly resolved through diplomatic votes.

After a while, everything had been discussed, and everyone got up to leave.

Mu Qing rose to her feet and saw off the demon monarchs in person.

When the two red-robed beings were on their way out, they just so happened to pass by Han Li, and one of them asked, "Were you the one who destroyed the two puppets I sent out?"

Han Li hesitated momentarily before bowing as he gave an honest reply, "They were inde

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