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Han Li used his spiritual sense to look at the box and then stroked it, only to remain silent afterwards.

Shortly after, he opened the box’s lid and a pitch-black ball flew out.

The ball spun in front of Han Li and then ruptured into a black mist before disappearing.

At that same moment, he felt an itch from his palm.

As his heart stirred, he suddenly raised his hand.

He saw several small strange characters appear on his hand. They were as small as grains of rice.

Han Li glanced at them and shook his wrist. Azure light flickered and the small characters completely disappeared without a trace.

He pondered to himself for a moment and azure light flashed from his body, flying out of his room in an azure streak. He circled once in the air before flying out of his cave residence.

A quarter-hour later, an azure streak arrived above a nameless valley at the edge of the mountain range with dragon-like speed.

Once the azure light faded, Han Li’s figure was revealed.

His eyes flickered as he glanced downward and he slowly descended.

The valley stretched over three thousand kilometers. At the very end of it was a pile of scattered rock.

Han Li landed right in front of it.

When his feet touched the ground, he looked at a huge rock and calmly said, “I’ve already arrived. Fellow Daoists, please show yourselves.”

“Hehe, Senior Martial Brother Yan, I told you so. You can’t use mere invisibility techniques to hide from Brother Han.

“I already knew Fellow Daoist Han’s abilities were unordinary, but I may as well test him.”

After a few giggles, two pleasant female voices chatted near the huge rock.

Afterwards, the mist of grey light blurred and two beautiful young women appeared there.

One of them had snow-white skin and appeared like a goddess. The other appeared dainty and charming. They were Yuan Yao and Yan Li.

The black wooden box he received inside his cave residence was refined from the Soul Nurturing Wood he originally acquired from Heavenvoid Hall. He recognized it at a glance.

Using some mysterious technique, they were able to secretly send it to his secluded room.

Han Li glanced at the two women with an odd expression on his face. He then slowly asked, “So it was you two Fellow Daoists! Lady Yuan, I haven’t seen you since we’ve last met in the Scattered Star Seas. Are you in good health?”

Yuan Yao withdrew her smile and sighed, “Brother Han, are you teasing little old me? Do I and my Senior Martial Sister look to be in good health?”

Han Li sensed an astonishing Yin QI being emitted from their bodies and he frowned, “Ah, my words were mistaken. However, I see that you two aren’t ghosts. There is something odd about you two.”

“Brother Han is right. Back when my Junior Martial Sister saved me and fell into the ghost mist in the Scattered Star Seas, we drew the support of the Umbra Qi to cultivate the Yin Yang Revolution Art. However, this human-ghost dual culti

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