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The white-haired beauty's brows furrowed upon hearing the crimson-robed figure's condition.

"If we go to the devilish tomb, we'll most likely be delayed quite significantly there. If the Mayfly Race reinforcements arrive during that time, none of us will be able to get away." Liu Zu's voice wasn't quite as resolute as it had been before.

"Hehe, if the Mayfly Race really can access this space so quickly, then why would that puppet have confronted us? It could've just waited for reinforcements to arrive. No one from the Mayfly Race should be able to enter this place in a short time. Of course, there will be some risk involved, but surely you should take some risks for us, seeing as you're taking all of the Divine Infernal River Elixir, Brother Liu Zu," the crimson-robed figure chuckled.

Liu Zu remained completely expressionless, but the contemplative look in his eyes indicated that he was weighing up his options. Only after a long while did he finally reply, "Alright, I can accompany you to the devilish tomb, but I'll only assist you in securing two of the treasures in there. If you want to secure additional treasures, then you'll have to do so with your own power."

"Haha, you have yourself a deal! As for the Tempered Crystal Brick, I trust that you're telling the truth, so I won't try to damage it," the crimson-robed figure chortled with glee before drifting back several tens of feet.

The Purpleblood Puppet beside him also retreated a few steps in a wooden manner.

"What do you want to do, Fellow Daoist Lan?" Seeing as Di Xue had struck up a deal with him, Liu Zu was feeling a lot more assured, and a cold light flashed through his eyes as he turned to the white-haired beauty.

The white-haired beauty's pupils contracted, and only after a brief hesitation did she reply in a cold voice, "I have the same condition as Fellow Daoist Di Xue, but before that, I want to test if this brick truly as indestructible as you claim."

"Sure, go ahead, then." Liu Zu immediately raised his hand, and the Tempered Crystal Brick hovered into the air 70 to 80 feet above his head.

The white-haired beauty stared at the brick with a hint of scorching desire in her eyes before sweeping a sleeve through the air, upon which the eight ghost monarchs behind her instantly sprang into action.

Black light flashed, and the white-haired beauty donned that suit of black armor again as the massive war hammer appeared in her hand.

Eight ghostly howls erupted from the war hammer, and Liu Zu glanced at the weapon as he warned, "Your treasure is indeed quite powerful, but it won't be able to break the Tempered Crystal Brick. I'm warning you in advance; don't try any sneaky tricks while you attack the brick. Otherwise, don't blame me for turning on you."

"Hmph, let me see if this thing really is indestructible or not!" The white-haired beauty completely ignored Liu Zu's threat as she hurled her war hammer through the air.

Ghostly Qi and

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