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Almost in the exact instant that Han Li flew into the distance, another group of sinister ghosts with crimson bodies and green hair charged out from the nearby mist, only to be completely dumbfounded by the lack of targets to attack.

At this point, Han Li was already over 10,000 feet away, and through the use of his spirit eyes, he was able to avoid several large-scale battles in succession as he attempted to fly out of this mist.

If he encountered a small group of ghostly beings, then he'd kill them on the spot. Conversely, if he encountered large hordes of them, then he'd take evasive measures instead.

Thus, Han Li managed to traverse relatively smoothly through the Yin mist. However, it didn't take long before Han Li lost all sense of direction.

As such, he could only take a risk to fly higher up into the air and ascertain his position from a higher vantage point.

Thus, he flew to altitudes of several thousand feet, where the mist was slightly thinner, but he was immediately beset with countless attacks that rained down from above.

Thankfully, he had prepared his Divine Essencefused Light in advance, and he hurriedly swept aside most of these attacks with his Divine Essencefused Light. Otherwise, he would've most likely been forced to plummet straight to the ground.

Even so, he had still been given a massive fright. Before the next wave of attacks could arrive, he flew back down into the denser mist again.

It appeared that it would be impossible for him to fly up to an altitude that would make a substantial difference in his situation.

As such, he could only decide on a certain direction and plunge headfirst into the mist.

However, it was either the case that this mist had been imbued with some kind of profound restriction or it truly did cover an extraordinarily vast area.

In any case, even after several hours, he was still trapped within the mist without any signs of being close to the edge.

Han Li's expression was growing darker as time passed by.

He swept a sleeve through the air, and several golden threads shot forth, instantly slicing in the ghostly shadows before him into several pieces.

However, those ghostly shadows merely recovered amid a burst of unsettling howls before pouncing toward Han Li again.

Han Li harrumphed coldly as he opened his mouth to blast forth a ball of silver flames. The fireball then exploded into several smaller fireballs, completley incinerating the ghostly shadows into nothingness amid cries of anguish.

These formless ghosts were rather difficult to deal with for normal cultivators, but they were naturally completely powerless in the face of Han Li's Spirit Engulfing Heavenly Flames.

After eradicating this wave of ghostly beings, Han Li looked up and was just about to decide on a direction to fly toward when an earthshattering boom suddenly erupted from another direction, and even the nearby ground tremored violently as a result.

Ball of

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