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The pillars of crimson light created violent ripples over the surface of the black light barrier, causing it to flash erratically.

Within moments, the Purpleblood Puppet had already swelled to around 10,000 feet tall, and it was like a mighty deity as it summoned its massive purple ax, then swung it down toward the black light barrier with ferocious might.

A series of rumbling booms akin to thunderclaps erupted as countless ax projections struck the same spot on the light barrier. As for the white-haired woman, she was only injecting her power into her crimson saber with all her might without unleashing any additional abilities.

The restriction barrier was extremely powerful, yet it was still unable to withstand the combined attacks from so many Body Integration Stage beings. As such, a hole with a diameter of over 100 feet was blasted into its surface, and even though the hole immediately began to seal itself, there was more than enough time for the demon monarchs to pass through.

"I'll stabilize this opening with a secret technique!" Liu Zu was ecstatic, and he immediately unleashed eight balls of blue light that expanded drastically as they flew through the air.

These were eight blue pillar treasures, and all of them disappeared into the opening at once.

An incredible scene ensued.

Blue light flashed, and the opening transformed into a square passageway that was paved with blue crystalline stones, as if they'd been embedded into the light barrier.

"I'll be going on ahead, everyone," Liu Zu chortled before entering through the opening as a streak of black light.

The two crimson-robed figures glanced at one another before one of them leaped down onto the ground while the other stomped a foot onto the Purpleblood Puppet's shoulder.

The puppet rapidly shrank down to only several tens of feet in size, then entered the black light barrier with the other crimson-robed figure. For some reason, the two decided to leave one of them behind outside the light barrier. The white-haired beauty faltered slightly upon seeing this.

Meanwhile, Mu Qing swept her sleeves through the air, and countless specks of light flew toward her from all directions before disappearing into her sleeves. She had cleaned up everything that had been used to set up that concealment restriction.

"Sister Lan, are you going to go in with your two disciples? Even though the Infernal Lightning Beast has been lured out, who knows what other dangers could lurk in there? With their lowly cultivation bases, there's a good chance that they could perish in there. Jin Ling, you can stay out here." Mu Qing issued a few cautionary words to the white-haired beauty, then delivered an instruction to the golden ape before also flying into the passageway with her golden flower beneath her feet. Jin Ling bowed in response and remained on the spot as it was told.

However, the white-haired beauty's brows furrowed as she cast her gaze toward the puppe

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