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"You're looking for me, Senior?" A hint of surprise flashed through Han Li's eyes.

"That's right, I am indeed here to see you. Have you forgotten my voice transmission from a year ago?" Di Xue's voice was just as sharp and metallic as ever.

"Of course not! What can I do for you, Senior?" Han Li was feeling a little uneasy, but he naturally wasn't going to feign ignorance in this situation.

"You heard him, right, Fairy Mu? Han brat agreed to help me voluntarily, so you can't refuse anymore," Di Xue chuckled.

"I never refused in the first place, but as I'm sure you're well aware, our top priority now is for Fellow Daoist Han to master his Divine Devilbane Lightning as soon as possible. As such, there's no way that I can loan him to you for three months. I can only give you one month at most. Otherwise, you're going to be hindering his progress too much," Mu Qing replied calmly as she took a sip of her tea.

"One month is nowhere near enough to finish what I'm doing. The puppets I'm refining are also extremely important, and can't be delayed. How about this? Hand him over to me for two months; that should just barely suffice," Di Xue conceded.

"I can give him to you for one and a half months at most, no more than that!" Mu Qing countered in a cold voice.

Di Xue paused momentarily before nodding as he said, "Alright, one and a half months it is. However, I'll have to borrow your teleportation formation then."

"That won't be an issue. I'll teleport both of you straight to the Bloodflame Mountain, but you have to bring him back to me in person." Mu Qing's voice eased slightly upon hearing this.

"Haha, I can certainly do that. Come with me, Han brat," Di Xue chortled with glee as he rose to his feet.

More than half a day later, black light flashed from a teleportation formation on an obscure stone platform in front of a black mountain on the fifth level of the earth abyss. Two humanoid figures appeared on the teleportation formation, and they were naturally none other than Han Li and Di Xue.

As soon as Han Li recovered from his rush of dizziness, he surveyed his surroundings to find that there was another crimson-robed figure standing next to the teleportation formation.

As soon as he caught sight of Han Li, the crimson-robed figure cackled, "You're finally here, Fellow Daoist Han. My four Purpleblood Puppets require an injection of power from your Divine Devilbane Lightning. Only then will they be able to serve a substantial purpose when we get to the infernal river."

"Purpleblood Puppets!" Han Li's heart immediately jolted upon hearing this.

"Hehe, I'll tell you about the specific details when we get there." The crimson-robed figure was acting in a very polite manner, presumably because he required Han Li's services.

Han Li naturally wasn't going to state any objections, and thus, he flew toward the black mountain behind the two crimson-robed figures.

This mountain was around 40,000 to 5

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