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Han Li and Yan Li were both startled to hear this elderly voice, and the two of them exchanged a bewildered glance.

"Let's go, this man's far too powerful for us to oppose. According to the wisps of spiritual sense I'd imbued my spirit insects with, his cultivation base is beyond that of even the demon monarchs." Even though Han Li was feeling quite uneasy, he still put on a calm facade.

Han Li's calm and collected demeanor as quite a soothing sight for Yan Li, and she nodded in response.

Thus, the two of them slowly drifted over to the entrance of the cave.

The passageway on the mountain face wasn't very large, and nor was it special in any way; it was merely a square entrance paved with ordinary bluestone.

After flying into the passageway for over 1,000 feet, the two of them arrived in an antiquated hall with fine white sand all over the floor.

The hall was over 1,000 feet in size, yet in such a cavernous space, there were only a few items of furniture. Aside from a few tables and chairs, there were only several pots of strange plants situated in the corners of the hall.

These plants were each no more than a foot tall, but Han Li could smell their essence even from afar. Just the scents emitted by these few potted plants in the hall alone made him feel as if he were situated within a lush forest.

At the very center of the hall was a chair, on which sat a grey-robed elderly man.

The man possessed a mundane appearance with his meter-long beard his only noteworthy facial feature, and he was also looking back at Han Li and Yan Li.

"You two are humans!" the elderly man said in a slightly surprised voice.

Han Li's heart jolted upon hearing this, and he bowed slightly as he replied. "I see that Senior knows of our human race. May I ask for your name, Senior?"

"Hehe, I don't just know of the human race, I'm a human myself. As for my former name, there's no need to mention it. You may refer to me as Senior Jiang," the elderly man chuckled, and a benevolent light appeared in his eyes as he looked Han Li and Yan Li.

"What? You're a human as well, Senior?" Yan Li exclaimed in shock.

"Why? Is it really strange that I'm a human?" the elderly man chuckled.

"Of course not. It's just that we didn't expect to see one of our brethren so far away from the human territories," Han Li hurriedly explained.

The elderly man before them was truly an unfathomably powerful being whom they couldn't afford to offend.

"I hail from the human race, but my current body is no longer the one I originally possessed. Instead, I managed to obtain the body of an extremely rare Chang Yuan Race being by chance. These beings are proficient in all types of abilities, and they are endowed with several incredible abilities from birth, each and every one of which are far beyond even the most prodigious cultivators of our human race," the elderly man said in a slow voice as he inspected his own hands.

Han Li had never h

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