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Mu Qing smiled and she flipped her hand, producing three sparkling blood-red pearls, each the size of a thumb.

Liu Zu shook her shoulders and black light flickered. Another two arms emerged from his back.

One of the arms was holding a triangular black badge while his other arm held a blue textile shuttle.

With his original arms grasped in an incantation gesture, the air crackled, and a black beam of light shot out from his mouth into the silver mist.

Boom. The silver mist immediately began to collapse upon contact with the black beam, resulting in a series of hums sounding from the impact.

Mu Qing raised her hand when she saw this.

The three blood-red pearls shot out in a line, turning into crimson fireballs.

After three worldshaking booms, the silver mist and three head-sized crimson flames erupted and began to disperse.

As the silver mist clashed against the black light and crimson flames, the passage began to sway.

Standing behind them, Han Li couldn't help but change his expression.

Although he experienced the collapse of a spatial tear several times before and lived through the passage of a spatial node, it didn’t mean he was confident in escaping a spatial tear collapse. In the past, he only survived by luck. Apart from existences at True Spirit or Grand Ascension stage, none dared to ignore spatial-type dangers.

At that moment, Liu Zu’s new arms began to move.

The triangular badge vibrated and released countless crimson balls of lightning and fire, smashing down on the mist. From the shuttle-type magic treasure, it turned into a blue streak in a hum.

Mu Qing shook her sleeve, releasing countless green streaks.

Afterwards, the three attacks joined in and forced the silver mist to gradually collapse.

When the silver mist was pushed by thirty meters, it eventually let out a world-shaking tremble and completely disappeared.

The barrier to the space was struck open and another passage appeared.

Han Li blinked and could see what laid past the opening.

A faint white light flickered without end and an icy wind blew towards them from it.

Even when he was protected by spiritual light, Han Li shivered as the icy wind blew past him.

The coldness of the wind penetrated the light and touched his body directly. If he didn’t cultivate the five ice flames in his body, he would’ve suffered quite a bit.

Fortunately, the winds only blew for an instant and soon subsided.

He let out a long sigh.

Liu Zu looked at the hole and a glint flickered from his eyes. His body blurred as she shot forward. At that same time, he said, “The passage is open! Call for the other Fellow Daoists to enter. I’m going to take a look first at the outside!”

Before they completely heard what he said, he had already entered the white light outside.

Mu Qing frowned and she commanded without turning around, “Jin Ling, call for Di Xue and Fellow Daoist Lan to march their forces. I’m going

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