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"I stored away as many puppets as I could when those ghostly beings attacked, but there are only just over 1,000 of them left," one of the crimson-robed figures replied.

"My situation is even worse. Not only were the ghost monarchs severely wounded by the puppet's self-detonation, all of them remaining profound ghosts were also destroyed by the wind-attribute ability you unleashed," the white-haired beauty sighed.

"What are you saying, Fellow Daoist Lan? Even though we agreed that you had to refine 8,000 profound ghosts, the pure Yin Qi I supplied to you was far more than enough to refine that number of ghostly soldiers, so you must've refined more than the 8,000 that were revealed, right? Now's not the time to be hiding such resources," Liu Zu said as his expression darkened.

The white-haired beauty faltered upon hearing this, and a slightly awkward look appeared on her face.

"I didn't think that you were aware of this, Brother Liu Zu. Indeed, in order to prepare for unforeseen circumstances, I refined 500 extra profound ghosts. Even though that's not a lot, their individual prowess is far superior to that of normal Yin Armor Profound Ghosts."

"Alright, even though there are still several more perilous places we must pass through during the remainder of our journey, those profound ghosts on top of what's left of the puppets should be enough to get us through to the finish line. I know that you may not fully trust me, but once we secure the Divine Infernal River Elixir, we'll be able to split up and you can go wherever you please. However, I advise you not to try any little tricks before that. Otherwise, don't blame me for turning on you." A threatening tone crept into Liu Zu's voice as he spoke.

The other demon monarchs' expressions changed slightly, but none of them responded to his words, as if they hadn't heard him in the first place.

Liu Zu didn't find their reaction to be strange in the slightest. He merely waved a hand through the air, and said, "Let's go."

He then transformed into a ball of black light that flew on ahead.

The dozen or so high-grade demon beasts down below immediately followed suit.

The two crimson-robed figures glanced at one another before sweeping their sleeves through the air in unison, summoning specks of black light from within. Those specks of black light then began to glow with spiritual lights of different colors before transforming into puppets of different shapes and forms.

These puppets had clearly been carefully preserved by the two crimson-robed figures.

Not only were they all in brand new condition, most of them were extremely intricately crafted.

At this moment, the white-haired beauty also raised a hand to hurl forth a palm-sized black leather pouch, and the pouch rotated in mid-air before tipping itself over to expel a burst black Yin winds.

A group of black-armored ghostly soldiers then emerged from within those Yin winds. These ghostly soldiers a

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