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Yuan Yao and Yan Li's faces immediately paled at the sight of the white-haired woman.

"Oh, so there's a couple of semi-ghostly beings among the three of you; no wonder you were able to emerge from my restriction." The purple-armored general was somehow able to immediately identify Yuan Yao and Yan Li's constitutions, and he lost interest in them as a result.

He then turned his attention toward Han Li, and the latter was immediately struck by a bone-chilling burst of spiritual sense sweeping toward him, attempting to completely see through his entire being.

Han Li's brows furrowed as he activated his Great Development Technique to repel most of the armored general's spiritual sense.

At the same time, he also swept his spiritual sense toward the man.

As a result, Han Li's expression changed slightly as he discovered that the body of armored general was extremely cold, and was not a body of flesh and blood, but there was no Yin ghost energy within it, either.

He then swept his spiritual sense toward the other two generals as well as the crimson-armored soldiers behind them, and he discovered that aside from the carriage-drawing beasts, all of them were also completely devoid of life.

"These are puppets?" Han Li was shocked as he arrived at this verdict.

These puppets seemed to have already controlled the ghostly beings of the infernal river. Setting aside the crimson-armored soldiers, the three armored generals each had different auras, and they'd most likely been possessed by the souls of extremely powerful beings.

Furthermore, the fact that the two demon monarchs hadn't attacked these puppets yet was a clear indication that both sides were evenly matched. Otherwise, such an impasse couldn't be maintained as the two women would've destroyed their opponents already.

Liu Zu and Di Xue weren't present, so they were presumably still trapped within the ghostly mist, battling the powerful ghost that had unleashed that thunderous roar earlier.

"Get over here!" Mu Qing suddenly waved a hand toward Han Li.

There was certainly no chance for them to escape in this situation, so Han Li could only do as he told, flying over to the two demon monarchs before cupping his fist in a respectful salute. "I pay my respects to my two seniors!"

"Fellow Daoist Han, why isn't Jin Ling with you? Where is it right now?" Rather than asking about why Han Li and the others had escaped from the ghostly mist, she instead enquired about that golden ape.

"I'm not sure. Brother Jin and I were forcibly separated by the ghostly beings in the mist," Han Li replied truthfully.

"Is that so?" Mu Qing's brows furrowed upon hearing this.

Han Li glanced at the puppets they were facing off against, and asked, "Senior Mu, what are these beings? Were they the ones that set up this ghostly mist?"

"Fellow Daoist Lan and I have only just recently escaped from this mist as well. We were just about to unleash some techniques to br

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