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"Don't be so hasty to jump to conclusions, Fellow Daoist Lan. Fellow Daoist Han is far more powerful than his cultivation base indicates, and he possesses the Divine Devilbane Lightning. Even if his cultivation base were a rank or two lower, he'd still be of great help to us if he could unleash the true power of his Divine Devilbane Lightning," Mu Qing chuckled.

"Divine Devilbane Lightning isn't that easy to master. The higher one's cultivation base, the greater the likelihood that they'll be able to master this lightning. I'm very skeptical that a Spirit General would be able to truly unleash the power of the divine lightning. If I recall correctly, you'd have to at least be an early-Great Spirit General to be able to unleash the Divine Devilbane Lightning's full power, right?" A red-robed being from another table spoke on this occasion, and his voice was quite sharp and piercing, akin to the sound of metal grating on metal.

"Don't worry about that, Brother Di Xue. Even though Fellow Daoist Han is only a late-Spirit General, the purity and abundances of his magic power is only a tiny bit inferior compared to that of an early-Great Spirit General, so I'm sure he's up to the task. Alternatively, do you have any suggestions for methods that could help us dispel the infernal river restriction?" Mu Qing asked in a meaningful voice.

"If this man really can help us break the restriction, then that would naturally be fantastic. I have no intention of stopping him, I'm merely concerned that he's not going to be able to provide us with any substantial assistance, so please don't misconstrue my words," the other red-robed figure chimed in, and his voice was exactly the same as that of the man who had just spoken, as if they were the same person.

Mu Qing's expression remained unchanged as she said, "It would be best if that was indeed the case. Brother Liu Zu, Sister Lan, what do you two think of this?"

"As long as it's beneficial to our grand scheme, I'll support it," the mysterious figure in the black cloak said in an emotionless voice.

However, the white-haired beauty's brows were tightly furrowed, as if she were mulling over something.

"What is it, Sister Lan? Do you have any alternative opinions you'd like to air?" Mu Qing asked.

"This man's soul is remarkably powerful, and I was planning to refine his soul into one of my ghost monarchs, but I have to source other materials now. Besides, Xue Di and I discovered this person before you, so isn't it inappropriate for you to claim him like this?" the woman said in a calm voice.

"Hehe, are you saying you'd like to instruct him instead, Sister Lan? But if I'm not mistaken, you're vulnerable to lightning, are you not? In that case, how will you instruct him to master his divine lightning? If we miss out on this opportunity due to a delay on your end, we'll be regretting this for the rest of our lives," Mu Qing said with a faint smile.

"Oh? It sounds like you're implyi

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