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After some hesitation, the ape worriedly asked, “Since Master understands, I am at ease. But before you head to the infernal river, will you be leaving your tree body here?”

Mu Qing calmly answered, “I’ve considered it. I’m prepared to carry my spirit tree body with me.”

The ape wore an uneasy expression and said, “Master, how can that be! There are many dangers in the infernal river. If Master is trapped or something unexpected happens, you’ll be able to revive yourself after some time. But if you’re trapped in the infernal river, you would lose that opportunity. Furthermore, your spirit tree body can’t survive long in storage space. Since the infernal river is a barren place, you won’t be able to plant it there.”

Mu Qing shook her head, walked up to the tree, and gently stroked its trunk. “Don’t worry. Since I dare to bring my body into the infernal river, I have high confidence I’ll be able to survive. For this reason, I especially refined a storage pearl capable of holding my spirit tree for several years.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t feel at ease taking my body to the outside. Even if your abilities are great, only a step away from mine, if someone is determined to conspire against me, you still wouldn’t be able to protect my body for long.”

Hearing her resolute tone, the ape pondered for a moment and said, “Since Master has decided, I will follow the Master into the infernal river and lend you my strength.”

Mu Qing sweetly chuckled and said, “Don’t mention it, I have something else in mind. After all, I may have acquired many capable subordinates over these past years, but you are the only one I trust. After we enter the infernal river, all I need you to do is watch over that Youngster Han. Of course, I’ll also have you protect him whenever he is in danger.”

A cold glint flashed from the ape’s eyes and he asked, “Him? In two years, Master will be bringing him along?”

Mu Qing nodded with a serious face, “That's right. Not only will he be greatly useful in destroying the restriction on the infernal river, but he is also someone crucial in restoring my body’s essence Qi.”

The ape slapped his chest in confirmation and said, “I will look after this person properly.”

Mu Qing muttered to herself for a moment and said, “Before I officially enter the infernal river, there is no need for you to worry about this person. Even if we don’t do anything, the others need this person to break the seal to the infernal river. They wouldn’t do anything to harm themselves. But I’ll have to trouble you to look after him after we enter.”

“Master, don’t worry. I, Jin Ling, understand,” the ape solemnly answered.

Mu Qing let out a sigh and wore a cunning expression, “Good, then I am relieved. For the time being, I’ll have you look over this place. I’ll call for you when we set off.”


In the huge world underneath the Bloodflame Palace, two crimson-robed men were standing side by side. In front of them was a mounta

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