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Two hours later, the black vortex above the hill had ceased in its rotation.

An inky-black ball that was over 100 feet in diameter was slowly revealed. Black light swept down from the ball, injecting itself in a frenzy into the two massive black flags on either side of the formation.

The restrictions within the massive flags then sent bursts of pure Yin power surging toward the core of the massive formation.

At this point, the small formation on the summit of the hill had already been completely enshrouded in black light.

Han Li and the two women were no longer visible as a result, and aside from the low buzzing emanating from the spell formation, there were no other sounds to be heard.

As time passed, the massive black ball in the sky grew smaller and smaller.

This was naturally due to the fact that it was constantly losing pure Yin Qi.

All of a sudden, a loud cry erupted from within the formation down below, causing the black light to tremor unsteadily.

A resounding thump then rang out as a fist-sized ball of green light rushed out of the black light, attempting to fly toward a certain direction.

However, a streak of golden sword Qi then shot forth from within the black light amid a cold harrumph, and the sword Qi instantly pulverized the ball of green light.

The black light within the formation immediately became more sparse, revealing three indistinct seated humanoid figures.

At the same time, the buzzing sound from the small formation temporarily ceased.

Moments later, Han Li's voice rang out from within the black light, and his tone comprised of both exhaustion yet also a hint of excitement. "Thank you for your hard work, Fellow Daoists. The first mark has already been eradicated; let's keep going!"

"Brother Han, can your body really handle so much Yin Qi? How about we take a short rest before we continue?" Yuan Yao asked in a concerned voice.

"Thank you for your concern, Fairy Yuan, but time is of the essence, and we have to get rid of the three remaining tracking marks as soon as possible. Any delay could prove to be catastrophic," Han Li replied with a wry smile.

"If you think it's fine, then Junior Martial Sister Yuan and I won't try to dissuade you. If you're unable to hold on, then give us a signal, and we'll immediately stop," Yan Li said in a serious voice.

"Alright, let's continue, then," Han Li said without any hesitation.

Thus, Yuan Yao heaved a faint sigh, and the black light within the formation intensified in brightness once again.

The two women then continued to inject pillars of black light into Han Li's body.


Right as the first tracking mark was expelled from Han Li's body and destroyed, the humanoid figure that was enshrouded in green light cast her gaze toward Han Li's direction with bewilderment etched on her face. The humanoid figure was situated on a tall mountain several hundred thousand kilometers away from Han Li's location, and sh

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