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Meanwhile, Han Li wasn't just standing idly on the spot. He rustled both sleeves at once, and a series of talismans shot forth before circling through the air, shimmering with silver runes.

These talismans were all quite mysterious, and 108 of them were summoned at once.

Han Li made a hand seal before rapidly pointing his fingers in succession toward the lightning clouds down below with a grave expression on his face.

The talismans immediately transformed into 108 streaks of silver light that disappeared right in front of Han Li.

In the next instant, silver light flashed above the giant lightning cloud, and the silver runes reappeared.

They surged through the air to form a strange diagram that encompassed the entire lightning cloud below.

Han Li cast an incantation seal, and all of the talismans exploded in unison, creating a massive silver light formation.

Within the formation, a projection of a large palace appeared in a mirage-like manner, as if it weren't actually a part of this world.

The palace was shimmering with silver light, and there were countless runes dancing in the air above it. At the same time, heavenly music sounded, captivating the listener with its delightful beauty.

However, as soon as the listener tried to listen more closely to the music, it would abruptly disappear.

Han Li was ecstatic to see the realization of the formation, and he hurriedly made a hand seal, upon which the formation slowly descended.

Right at this moment, a thunderous roar erupted from within the lightning cloud.

Following a few earthshattering thunderclaps, the azure lighting cloud tumbled and surged violently, and several arcs of lightning that were as thick as water tanks forced their way out of the lightning.

The huge bolts of lightning circled around within the lightning cloud like a series of menacing giant dragons, and the entire lightning cloud was eradicated within moments.

After the lightning cloud was eradicated, the arcs of lightning also disappeared, and the Infernal Lightning Beast was revealed in the distance again.

At this moment, the beast was in an extremely sorry state. Not only had its scales become dull and lusterless, the parts of its body that weren't covered in scales had been completely charred black. Only the single horn on its head was still shimmering with silver light, as thin arcs of electricity revolved around it.

Those thick bolts of silver lightning had clearly been unleashed by none other than that horn.

What was even more surprising was that as soon as the beast was revealed, it immediately opened its mouth to expel a burst of crimson light, within which three flashing specks of golden light could be seen.

Those three specks of light were emitting a faint buzzing sound, and they were none other than his Gold Devouring Beetles.

They had been forced out of the beast's body by its immense magic power.

A shiver immediately ran down Han Li's spi

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