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After that, the grey-robed man also swept a sleeve through the air and vanished amid a flash of grey light.

Two days later, Han Li exited Blue Waterfall City on a beast-drawn carriage and traveled toward the Vast Origin House again.

At the Vast Origin House, Han Li was once again greeted by Lan Ying, and they stayed in a secret chamber for several hours before Han Li emerged with a mysterious smile and returned to the city.

On this occasion, Han Li stayed in his room in the inn for several days without setting foot outside.

Han Li had issued sufficient devil stones for a month's stay when he had first arrived, so the employees at the inn didn't think much of this initially.

However, the one-month deadline quickly approached, but Han Li still showed no signs of leaving his room, and the employees were finally beginning to grow concerned.

On the final day, one of the employees carefully knocked on the door to Han Li's room before making his way into it, only to find that Han Li was already nowhere to be found.

At this point, Han Li was seated in a grey flying carriage with his eyes closed in meditation.

Seated across from him were Daoist Xie and Zhu Guo'er, the former of which was as still as a wooden statue, while the latter was constantly looking around.

After departing from the island, Han Li had returned to the location they had previously agreed on, and the trio had immediately set off.

After flying for several days, they had already flown out of the Blue Waterfall Lake area, and that was quite a relief to Han Li.

Having reaped such a bountiful haul of rewards, he was naturally planning to leave the Elder Devil Realm and return to the Spirit Realm.

Of course, he wasn't going to return along the same route that he had come from. Instead, he was planning to return to the Spirit Realm through another devilish node that the Long Family patriarch had already scouted.

According to the Long Family patriarch, that devilish node was situated in a very secluded part of the Elder Devil Realm, so there weren't many high-grade devilish beings guarding it, and the node would lead to the Wood Tribe territory in the Spirit Realm.

Even though the Long Family patriarch and the others had already perished, Han Li was still planning to take this predetermined route.

After all, he had no idea where the other nodes led to, and if he were to end up on another continent in the Spirit Realm, it could take him centuries to return to the human race.

The thought of Violet Spirit suddenly sprang into Han Li's mind, and his heart began to throb faintly once again.

It was naturally impossible for him not to harbor any feelings toward her, and it pained him greatly to have to leave her in this perilous realm so soon after their long-awaited reunion.

Of course, if she weren't being restricted by Liu Ji, he would've definitely taken her back to the Spirit Realm with her and tracked down a way to expel th

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