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"It's not an actual restriction, but the devilish arts I'm cultivating were created by her, so she's naturally set up some precautionary measures. Unless my cultivation base progresses to outstrip hers one day, she can strip me of my entire cultivation base with just a single thought. Also, Liu Ji had informed me of her intentions to make me a backup clone, and I agreed to this path, so I really can't blame her. Without her help, I wouldn't even have been able to ascend; I would've already perished in the human world at this point," Violet Spirit sighed.

"What happened to you? How did Sacred Ancestor Liu Ji end up assisting you in your ascension?" Han Li asked.

"Back in the human world, I was limited by my aptitude and was unable to progress to the Deity Transformation Stage. At my cultivation base at the time, venturing into a spatial node would've been akin to committing suicide. Hence, I had no choice but to begin traveling to all of the secret regions of the human world to search for spirit medicines that would help me break through my bottleneck. I had thought that at the very least, I would be able to find some powerful protective treasures, and I would take a risk to venture into a spatial node before my lifespan ran out.

"However, after searching for several centuries, I didn't find any suitable spirit medicines or treasures, but stumbled upon an ancient devilish altar and unintentionally triggered it instead," Violet Spirit said with a resigned smile.

"Could it be that you contacted Sacred Ancestor Liu Ji through the altar?" Han Li asked as an enlightened look appeared in his eyes.

"The process wasn't quite that simple, but yes, that was the end result. A wisp of Liu Ji's spiritual sense descended into the human world through the altar, and with its assistance, I injected the residual devilish Qi in the secret region into my own body, thereby switching to a devilish cultivation art. As a result, I was quickly able to progress to the Deity Transformation Stage, and the ease with which the breakthrough was made was astounding to me. According to Liu Ji, I possess the extremely rare Yin Maiden Physique, meaning I was virtually born to become a devilish cultivator.

"This was why she had helped me ascend to the Elder Devil Realm; if a normal human cultivator had managed to contact her, she would've simply ignored them. Only after I ascended to the Elder Devil Realm and met Liu Ji was I made aware that she had only helped me so that I could become a backup clone for her," Violet Spirit Said.

"In that case, there was no need for you to agree to become her disciple. As for the debt you owe her for the part she played in your ascension, you'll just have to repay her some other way in the future," Han Li said with a dark expression.

"Thing's weren't that simple. At the time, she gave a choice; either she would strip away the devilish Qi and devilish cultivation art she bestowed upon me, thereby reducing me to a lo

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