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Right at this moment, the giant beast let loose another furious roar, and it swept its pair of massive hands upward in a vicious manner.

The pair of huge hands blurred as they flashed through the air, sending a series of white shockwaves hurtling directly toward Han Li.

Han Li merely flipped a hand over as he remained on the spot, and a small black mountain appeared in front of him amid a flash of grey light.

The mountain was several tens of feet in size, and it was none other than the Extreme Essencefused Mountain!

The white shockwaves struck the mountain amid a string of resounding booms, but the small black mountain remained completely resolute and immovable.

Meanwhile, the Leopard Kirin Beast sprang forward, splitting up into around a dozen identical projections that pounced viciously toward the Magnetic Light Beast.

The projections appeared all around the giant beast before sweeping their paws through the air, sending countless claw projections crashing into the massive beast's body.

Countless balls of golden light exploded all over the giant beast's body, and some of the rocks embedded into its skin were knocked loose, but the beast itself remained completely unscathed.

However, it had been infuriated by the Leopard Kirin Beast's provocative attacks, and it instantly shifted its attention to the projections around it.

All of a sudden, a dozen or so pillars of five-colored light erupted out of its compound eyes before enveloping the surrounding golden beast projections within them in a flash.

All of the Leopard Kirin Beast projections were completely immobilized by the pillars of five-colored light, and they weren't even able to bat an eyelid.

In the next instant, a vicious look appeared on the giant beast's face, and the pillars of five-colored light rotated on the spot, upon which the Leopard Kirin Beast projections within them were instantly sliced into countless pieces as if they were being attacked by countless sharp blades.

However, all of the projections merely vanished without even a single drop of blood being shed, clearly indicating that none of them were the Leopard Kirin Beast's true body.

The Magnetic Light Beast had clearly also realized this, and its fury became further exacerbated as the five-colored pillars of light erupting out of its compound eyes became thicker before sweeping violently through the surrounding space.

All of a sudden, one of the pillars of light faltered, and the Leopard Kirin Beast was forced to stumble out of thin air.

The giant beast was ecstatic to see this, and it immediately focused all of the pillars of light onto the Leopard Kirin Beast.

The pillars of light combined as one to form an extremely thick pillar of light that hurtled directly toward the Leopard Kirin Beast.

The Leopard Kirin Beast was very alarmed by this, and it attempted to flee the scene, but the space around it had become as hard as iron and steel, rendering it un

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