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The flying carriage continued on toward the center of the devilish cloud without pause like a shooting star.

Due to the large section of the cloud that had been dispersed, a giant passageway with a diameter of around 500 meters had been revealed.

Right at this moment, two cold voices rang out from either side of the flying carriage.

"Prepare for trouble!"

"And make it double!"

As soon as the voices trailed off, a bolt of black lightning that was over 100 feet in length erupted out of one side of the black cloud amid a loud thunderclap, hurtling directly toward the flying carriage as a lightning wyrm.

Meanwhile, a giant green sword projection emerged from the cloud on the other side before also sweeping toward the carriage.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon seeing this.

Even though both of the assailants were still concealed within the mist, it was clear from their attacks that they were no ordinary devilish lords.

Of course, these attacks weren't enough to pose a threat to him. He immediately swept a sleeve through the air while pointing at the green sword projection with his other hand.

A thick bolt of golden lightning erupted out of his sleeve amid a rumbling thunderclap, while a streak of sword Qi shot forth out of his fingertip.

He was fighting lightning with lightning, and sword with sword.

The four clashed, and bursts of piercing light erupted forth, then quickly faded in unison.

It seemed that the attacks were all evenly matched.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this, and the two devilish beings concealed within the cloud were also very astonished.

The attacks unleashed by the pair of devilish beings seemed to be quite ordinary, but they were actually imbued with incredible power.

The black lightning was one of the Elder Devil Realm's four types of divine lightning, and it possessed extremely potent corrosive power, able to instantly erode the average treasure.

As for the azure sword projection, that was a bonded ability that the other devilish being had cultivated for close to 10,000 years, and it was capable of slicing through the average flying sword with ease.

However, Han Li had instantly nullified both of their attacks, seemingly with ease, and that naturally came as quite a shock to the pair of devilish beings.

Han Li had no intention of lingering here, and he stabilized the flying carriage, which was shuddering slightly from the shockwaves resulting from the explosions, before it continued to fly toward the massive passageway.

The two high-grade devilish beings were infuriated to see this, and they instantly cast their bewilderment aside before attacking again.

On this occasion, countless arcs of black lightning sprang forth from one side of the cloud, while a sword projection that was five times larger than the previous one emerged from the other side.

The two attacks had been unleashed virtually in unison, and instead of being di

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