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"That is indeed true, but who knows if the devilish beings have thought of some unforeseen way to bypass our setup? If the true bodies of the patriarchs manage to descend into our realm while we're away, then our two races will be plunged into a dire situation," Mo Jianli said in a concerned voice.

After a long pause, Patriarch Ao Xiao nodded in agreement. "In that case, we really do have to exercise more caution. Looks like we'll have to return to our races as soon as possible."

"Seniors, I don't think there's much of a chance that the patriarchs will all be able to descend into our realm. Even if they manage to do so, it would most likely only be one or two of the three," Han Li interjected.

Mo Jianli faltered slightly upon hearing this before his eyes immediately lit up. "Oh? It sounds like you know something that we don't, Fellow Daoist Han. You did just come back from the Elder Devil Realm; is there some information you'd like to share with us?"

Han Li paused for a moment before asking, "Have you heard of the tribulation of the Elder Devil Realm, seniors?"

"Tribulation of the Elder Devil Realm? We have indeed heard of this, but we didn't get a chance to gather any detailed information," Patriarch Ao Xiao replied as his eyes narrowed slightly.

"Indeed, back when I ventured into the Elder Devil Realm, I also heard about this from a devilish lord, but it seems that only the Sacred Ancestors know the full story. Have you managed to find out more information about it, Fellow Daoist Han?" Mo Jianli asked in an eager voice.

"I did indeed manage to gather some information about this tribulation. Have you heard of the Stemborer Queen?" Han Li asked as a serious look appeared on his face.

"Stemborer Queen? I don't recall ever hearing this term. Do you know anything about this, Fellow Daoist Ao?" Mo Jianli replied with a perplexed expression.

"It sounds rather familiar. I seem to have heard of it a very long time, but it's been too long, and I can't remember the exact details," Patriarch Ao Xiao replied as his brows furrowed slightly.

"It's no surprise that you haven't heard of the Stemborer Queen, seniors; this is an insect queen that was sealed by true immortals back in ancient times, so very little people currently know of it," Han Li replied with a smile.

"Ah yes, I remember now! The Stemborer Queen is the ancient insect said to be capable of devouring entire realms, right? Could it be that it's at the center of the tribulation that the Elder Devil Realm is facing?" Patriarch Ao Xiao's face paled slightly as he spoke.

"Capable of devouring realms? What kind of insect is this? Wouldn't that make it even more terrifying than true spirits?" Mo Jianli's expression also changed significantly upon hearing this.

"True spirits simply aren't comparable to this thing; in ancient times, several powerful true spirits had been devoured by this insect queen. I heard about it while traveling through another co

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