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Zhu Guo'er was looking on with her mouth agape in shock, clearly not expecting Han Li to instruct the giant golden crab to attack the formation as soon as he left it.

A faint smile appeared on Han Li's face, and he said, "Thank you for your help, Brother Xie; I wouldn't have been able to identify the weakest point of this formation and destroy it with a single attack on my own."

"If this were a complete Six Extremes Azure Lightning Formation or if I were in the formation, then I wouldn't have been able to do this, either, but under these circumstances, it was quite an easy task; just don't forget to issue me the Faux Immortal Elixir for this," the giant golden crab said in a nonchalant manner.

"Rest assured, Brother Xie, I definitely won't owe you any elixir," Han Li replied with a smile.

"Regardless of how much elixir you can provide me with in the future, as soon as all of the elixir you've supplied me with to a certain point has been exhausted, I won't do your bidding any further unless you supply me with more," the golden crab said in a brusque manner.

"Alright, seeing as you're unwilling to compromise, we'll stick to our original agreement, but the elixir I've issued to you thus far should be able to sustain you for some time," Han Li said with a wry smile.

The giant golden crab was very intelligent, but as soon as the elixir was mentioned, it would immediately become completely unyielding and unwilling to compromise.

On this occasion, the golden crab didn't say anything and merely looked down with a cold look in its eyes.

The massive hole that had been blown into the formation was quickly sealing, and the sea of mist down below was beginning to become concealed again.

Right at this moment, spatial fluctuations erupted beside the flying carriage, and Bao Hua emerged amid a flash of pink light.

Her face was pale, and as soon as she appeared, she took a glance at Han Li before immediately producing a small red vial, which she tipped a pill out of, then quickly swallowed.

Before Han Li had a chance to say anything to her, the illusionary restriction down below completely vanished in a flash, revealing the sea of white mist in its entirety.

Almost at the exact same moment, two enraged cries rang out from within the white mist in unison.

Two humanoid figures, one golden and one blue, rose up into the air above the sea of mist, and they were naturally none other than Liu Ji and Lan Pu, both of whom were appraising Han Li with cold resentment in their eyes.

"We were planning to let you off the hook, but it seems that you're determined to get yourself killed!" Liu Ji said in a frosty voice as she tossed her silver buddha statue up into the air.

The statue instantly swelled to over 100 feet tall, and black devilish flames appeared all over its body before converging to form a black devilish beast that resembled both a cow and a horse.

The devilish beast's entire body was comprised of b

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