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Over half a month later, Han Li was standing expressionlessly atop a pagoda on the giant azure cloud, looking down toward a lush mountain range.

Fei Xiaoxi and Cao Ji stood slightly behind him on either side, and they were also casting their eyes downward.

Aside from over 100 flying carriages and battle arks patrolling the nearby area, all of the other giant clouds were nowhere to be seen.

The mountain range wasn't a very large one and only had a radius of less than 100 kilometers, but there were countless humanoid figures traversing through it as one tall platform after another rose up from the ground.

These stone platforms were all of different heights with silver spirit patterns engraved upon them, and there were green flags that were shimmering with faint spiritual light situated all over them.

However, upon closer inspection, one would discover that all of these platforms had risen up over the few spirit veins in the mountain range.

At the center of the mountains was a valley, within which a gigantic tree was growing rapidly at a rate that was discernible to the naked eye. With each passing moment, it would grow by around a foot, and it was already virtually as tall as the mountains around it.

On the ground around the giant tree was a green formation that was around 100 acres in area, and there were over 100 Wood Tribe beings seated within the formation. All of them were at or above the Nascent Soul stage, and they all had their eyes closed while making different hand seals.

All of the stone platforms were connected around the valley, causing all of the world's origin Qi in the entire mountain range to converge toward the valley in a frenzy, forming a series of extremely exuberant five-colored rainbows in the nearby air.

There were several small mountain ranges close to 100,000 kilometers away, where a series of massive trees were also rapidly growing in obscure locations, and there were countless tall platforms being erected near them as well.

If one were to look down from a high altitude, they'd discover that there were 36 of these formations that had been set up within an area with a radius of around 500,000 kilometers.

Even though they weren't all complete yet, they had been arranged in an extremely profound configuration to form a super formation that presented a spectacular breathtaking sight.

At this point, all of the world's origin Qi within the super formation had already been activated, and all types of energy fluctuations were beginning to appear in the air, filling the entire area with a sense of menace and peril.

Standing atop the azure cloud, Han Li suddenly said, "At this rate, the formation core will be complete in a few days. Once it's completed, we'll descend this Azure Light Island into the formation core and activate all of the protective restrictions to adopt a fully defensive stance."

Fei Xiaoxi cast a glance toward Han Li before replying in a slightly cold voice

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