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However, prior to that, he had to obtain the refinement method for the Baleful Yin Qi first. On top of that, he also had to purchase some Bloodtooth Rice as soon as possible.

He had already obtained the contacts required for this from the Vast Origin House, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

As Han Li flew toward the city, he carefully pondered what he was going to do next, and several days later, he finally returned to Blue Waterfall City, where Violet Spirit was waiting for him at the inn where he was staying.

Han Li was rather taken aback by this, and he asked in a cautious manner, "Did something happen? Why are you here?"

He and Violet Spirit had agreed to meet as little as possible in order to avoid attracting unnecessary problems for Violet Spirit, so the two of them had been keeping in touch through her subordinates.

As such, Han Li was naturally surprised to see Violet Spirit waiting for him at the inn.

"I had to come and see you in person; my mistress, Liu Ji, just arrived at Blue Waterfall City, and she recently instructed me to gather all of my subordinates to see her," Violet Spirit replied in an urgent manner.

Han Li's heart jolted upon hearing this, and he immediately asked, "Is it her true body that's arrived in the city?"

"No, it's just one of her late-Body Integration Stage clones, but even so, its powers and treasures wouldn't be inferior to those of the average Sacred Ancestor," Violet Spirit replied in a concerned manner.

"In that case, there's nothing to be overly concerned about. Having said that, why did she come here? Surely it's not for me; I don't think I've antagonized her in any way, and if she wanted to get rid of me, then she wouldn't have only sent a clone here. Do you know the exact purpose for her visit, Violet Spirit?" Han Li asked with furrowed brows.

"The instructions I was issued weren't very specific; it seems that she wants me and my subordinates to help her search for someone in this nearby area. I'm also of the opinion that she isn't here for you, but it would be best for you to take extra care during this time," Violet Spirit said in a concerned manner.

A hint of warmth flowed through Han Li's heart at the sight of Violet Spirit's concerned expression, but he remained very calm as he said, "Alright, I understand. As a devilish matriarch, I'm sure Liu Ji is a very cautious person, so don't contact me anymore during this period of time. Otherwise, it would be very bad for you if she discovers what you're doing. Also, I'm going to be leaving the Blue Waterfall Lake to return to the Spirit Realm soon."

"I see, then the next time we meet may be several centuries or even over 1,000 years in the future. Even with the treasures that Sister Lan provided to you, you won't be able to return to the Elder Devil Realm as you please," Violet Spirit said with a slightly dejected expression.

"You may not have to wait that long; I recently encountered some opportunities,

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