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"It's up to you," Daoist Xie replied in a completely uncaring manner.

Han Li nodded before pointing a finger at the pair of devilish bodies, releasing two crimson balls of fire that quickly incinerated the bodies into ashes.

At the same time, he made a grabbing motion with his other hand to summon a green formation plate.

Just as Han Li was about to use the formation plate to teleport him and Daoist Xie out of this space, an earth-shattering boom suddenly rang out up above, and the entire space began to tremor violently as if it were about to collapse.

Han Li was quite startled by this and didn't dare to delay any longer as he immediately tossed his formation plate forward, which formed a light formation amid a flash of white light.

Immediately thereafter, he arrived at the center of the formation, followed closely by Daoist Xie.

Han Li cast an incantation seal, and the light formation released a burst of piercing white light alongside a loud buzzing sound, following which he and Daoist Xie instantly disappeared.

In the next instant, countless white rifts appeared in the surrounding space, and it really did collapse amid a string of loud cracks.

In the air above a nondescript mountain, spatial fluctuations erupted, and a white light formation appeared, containing both Han Li and Daoist Xie.

Han Li wore a dark expression, while Daoist Xie's expression was as neutral as ever.

"What happened? Why did the restriction suddenly fail?" Han Li asked in a grim voice as the light formation reverted back into a green formation plate and returned to his hand.

"Bad news, Brother Han; the holy tree tells me that the third formation core has been destroyed, which means that we'll no longer be able to use some of the restrictions in this formation, and the power of the other restrictions will also be weakened," Cao Ji's grave voice replied from the formation plate.

Han Li's heart jolted upon hearing this, and he hurriedly asked, "A formation core has already been destroyed? How is that possible? How did the devilish beings find it so quickly? Even if they managed to find it, how were they able to destroy it so quickly with other Body Integration Stage fellow daoists guarding it?"

"Hold on, I've just received a message from a fallen fellow daoist at the third formation core sent before he passed away... This is bad! Six Sacred Ancestor clones had arrived together to kill all of the fellow daoists and destroy the third formation core. It seems that someone among the devilish army also has a very good understanding of the formation, and those Sacred Ancestor clones were able to track down the third formation core right away," Cao Ji replied in a furious voice.

"If there's someone within the devilish army with a very good understanding of the formation, then our formation core and the first formation core will most likely be attacked soon by Sacred Ancestor clones as well. The defensive restrictions of the fo

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