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Even though Han Li had recently returned from the Elder Devil Realm, Mo Jianli didn't even consider the possibility that Han Li had managed to enter the Spirit Cleansing Pond.

After all, countless powerful beings from many different realms had ventured into the Elder Devil Realm in pursuit of the Spirit Cleansing Pond and Clean Spirit Lotus, but barely any of them had ever succeeded. Han Li was indeed an exceptional prodigy among those of the human and demon races, but he may not be all that special when it came to the prodigies of the other realms.

However, unbeknownst to Mo Jianli, Han Li was no ordinary late-Body Integration cultivator. His physical body and spiritual sense were virtually as powerful as those of the average Sacred Ancestor, and after unleashing his Second Nirvana Transformation, he could even match a Sacred Ancestor in battle.

On top of that, all of the high-grade devilish beings had been in a state of turmoil in the face of the tribulation of the Elder Devil Realm, so none of them were able to focus on stopping Han Li and the others. Otherwise, it would've only taken several Sacred Ancestors to pay some attention to them, and there would've been no way that they could've made it to the Devilish Origin Sea.

"That is indeed fantastic news! With Fellow Daoist Han's brilliant aptitude and the effects of the Spirit Cleansing Pond and Clean Spirit Lotus, there's at least a 30% to 40% chance that he'd be able to progress to the Grand Ascension Stage with our unreserved assistance!" Mo Jianli said with glowing eyes.

"Hmph, he's a cultivator from your human race; why should I give him my unreserved assistance?" Patriarch Ao Xiao harrumphed coldly.

"Our human and demon races are one unified entity in the Spirit Realm. If Fellow Daoist Han can progress to the Grand Ascension Stage, he'll be a powerful backer for your demon race for tens of thousands of years to come, so why insist on differentiating between our two races? If someone from your demon race had hopes of progressing to the Grand Ascension Stage, I would also offer them my unreserved assistance," Mo Jianli replied.

"Is that a promise, Old Man Mo?" Patriarch Ao Xiao asked with a hint of a smile on his face.

"Of course! Hold on, are you saying there's someone from your demon race with a chance of progressing to the Grand Ascension Stage?" Mo Jianli asked with a stunned expression.

"Hehe, you've met my granddaughter a few times already, but did you know that she possesses the Seven Star Moon Physique? If she can progress to the late-Body Integration Stage, her chances of becoming a Grand Ascension Stage being would be slightly lesser than those of Fellow Daoist Han, but there definitely won't be too much of a disparity," Patriarch Ao Xiao said in a proud manner as he gestured toward Silvermoon.

"Ling Long possesses the Seven Star Moon Physique? Why didn't you tell me this before? Do you not trust me?" Mo Jianli asked with an astonished e

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