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The huge flower vanished into thin air in a flash, and in the next instant, spatial fluctuation erupted as the flower reappeared before flying into the spatial rift that He Yan had just disappeared into.

A resounding boom rang out, and a vast expanse of pink light erupted out of the spatial rift, forcing He Yan to stumble out of it.

The pink light was propelling her out of the spatial rift, and she was spinning uncontrollably within it.

After a few more flashes, the spatial rift was also destroyed by the pink light.

The pink flower didn't appear to be all that remarkable, but it possessed the power to destroy space itself!

He Yan let loose a cry of alarm as she lashed out with her cane like lightning, creating four giant cane projections around herself. These projections then transformed into four bursts of fierce yellow winds, which blew the pink light apart and finally allowed her to steady herself again.

At this moment, He Yan was appraising Bao Hua with a furious expression that was intermingled with a hint of fear. Within this Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain, she was completely unable to draw upon the world's origin Qi from the outside world, which meant that she would only be able to rely on her own magic power here.

As a Grand Ascension Stage being, this was a severe handicap that reduced her powers by as much as 70% to 80%. It was no wonder that even Tian Qi, who was far more powerful than she was, had immediately fled the scene after identifying the ability that Bao Hua had unleashed.

With that in mind, He Yan hurriedly cast her gaze toward Tian Qi to find that he had also been stopped in his tracks by countless giant flower projections near the edge of the pink world around them.

The crimson streak of light that he had transformed into was tearing through one flower projection after another, but there seemed to be no end to them as more and more projections arose to take their place.

After just a few flashes, the streak of crimson light had torn through over 10 layers of flower projections, yet just as he was about to escape from this floral realm, Bao Hua suddenly made a hand seal with a faint smile on her face.

Brilliant light immediately radiated from the pink floral tree that she was carrying with her other hand, and countless pink runes surged out of it in a frenzy before revolving around her body.

He Yan felt her surroundings blur around her, following which she suddenly found herself in another part of the floral realm.

"Greater Teleportation Technique!" He Yan exclaimed as she hurriedly cast her gaze toward Tian Qi again.

On this occasion, as opposed to being at the edge of the floral, he was over 300 feet away from its border and had been surrounded by countless floral projections again.

Just as He Yan was hesitating about whether she should lend him her assistance, countless pink floral projections also appeared around her.

Her face paled slightly upon seeing th

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