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"Could it be that all of the Wood Tribe beings have already been wiped out by the devilish army?" Zhu Guo'er asked in a concerned manner.

"There's no way that could be the case. The Wood Tribe has a population of billions, and there's no lack of Body Integration Stage beings among them; there's no way the devilish army would've been able to wipe them out so quickly. On top of that, the Wood Tribe is part of an alliance with several other races, including our human race; the other members of the alliance wouldn't just watch the Wood Tribe fall. I'm guessing the Wood Tribe beings here have most likely vacated the area after the devilish army gained the upper hand here," Han Li replied.

Zhu Guo'er felt this to be quite a reasonable assumption, and she nodded in response. "You're right, Senior; we should begin to start seeing Wood Tribe beings once we get further away from the spatial passageway."

Han Li offered no reply to this.

Three days later, the flying carriage had stopped in the air above a boundless forest, and there were eight high-grade devilish beings standing over 1,000 feet away.

These devilish beings each had a pair of fleshy green wings and crimson eyes, creating a very menacing sight to behold.

Behind them was a flock of around 600 two-headed devilish birds, each of which was around 10 feet in size with a single black horn on each of their heads.

"What number are we up to?" Han Li asked in an expressionless manner.

"This is the seventh wave, Senior," Zhu Guo'er replied.

"Hmph, it seems that the high-grade devilish beings overseeing this place still haven't learned their lesson. After I get rid of this group, they should stop bothering us for some time," Han Li said in a cold voice.

Immediately thereafter, he swept his sleeves through the air, releasing 72 miniature azure swords amid a flash of azure light.

Han Li made a hand seal before pointing a finger at the small swords, and they quickly began to multiply until thousands of small flying swords had filled the entire sky.

The high-grade devilish beings up ahead were quite alarmed to see this, but they displayed no intention to retreat as they all summoned their weapons, then flew directly toward the flying carriage as gusts of black winds.

All of the devilish birds behind them also let loose extremely unpleasant squawks as they flapped their wings and followed closely behind the high-grade devilish beings.

A cold look flashed through Han Li's eyes upon seeing this, and all of the small azure swords instantly transformed into sword projections that were around 10 feet in length each at his behest.

All of the sword projections surged through the air, quickly inundating the high-grade devilish beings and two-headed devilish birds.

Agonized howls rang out incessantly as blood and dismembered limbs rained down from the heavens, and all of the devilish beings and devilish birds were instantly slain.

Only then did Han Li

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