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"We agreed that we'll no longer have any ties after I lent you my assistance on that occasion, so why are you bringing that up now? Are you trying to threaten me?" Lan Pu asked with a dark expression.

"Don't make it sound so bad; I wouldn't do that to you, Sister Lan. Contrary to what you might think, I really did come here for your sake. Bao Hua has returned to our holy realm, and she recently endured a battle against Tian Qi and He Yan," Liu JI replied.

"Bao Hua has returned and she was able to battle Tian Qi and He Yan? Is that true? Does that mean she's recovered her powers?" Lan Pu's face immediately paled upon hearing this, clearly indicating that she was very wary of Bao Hua.

"I'm not sure if she's recovered her powers, but from what I've heard, she met Yuan Yan at the Devilish Origin Sea, then destroyed the physical bodies of Tian Qi and He Yan during their battle. I sent someone to enquire Tian Qi and He Yan about the situation, and they informed me that she's already managed to cultivate the legendary Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain using the Profound Heavenly Floral Tree," Liu Ji replied with a solemn expression.

"She's mastered the Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain? Isn't that an ability that only true immortals can attain? How did she manage to cultivate it?" Lan Pu exclaimed.

"Bao Hua once discussed this with me back when we were on friendly terms. According to her, she once obtained an incomplete cultivation art for the Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain that had most likely descended into our holy realm by chance during ancient times. At the time, she told me that it would perhaps be able to complement her Profound Heavenly Floral Tree, but never did I think that she would actually be able to attain a complete Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain. According to Tian Qi and He Yan, she's only attained a Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain of the lowest caliber, but it definitely is a complete domain," Liu Ji sighed in a concerned manner.

Lan Pu seemed to know Bao Hua very well, and after a moment of contemplation, she analyzed, "Hold on, if she's already recovered her powers and attained a Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain, why did she go into hiding? With her personality, she would already be actively hunting you down to recover her position of matriarch. She's most likely only recovered a portion of her power, and she must've incurred some damage during her battle against Tian Qi and He Yan as well."

"Hehe, it seems that great minds think alike, Sister Lan. This gives us even more reason to track her down and kill her while she's still vulnerable. Otherwise, if she recovers to her full power, you and I will both be on her hitlist. If we manage to kill her, you can have all of her other treasures; I only want the Profound Heavenly Floral Tree and the cultivation art for the Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain. According to my knowledge, Bao Hua has a treasure that's extremely useful for transcending tribulations," Liu Ji

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