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Han Li was ecstatic to hear this, and he immediately said, "As long as the information is reliable, price is not an issue."

"Alright, I've enclosed part of the information within this slip along with the price; please take a look. If you accept these terms, then I'll give you the rest of the information, and we'll complete this transaction right here and now," Lan Ying said as she tossed what appeared to be a black stone toward Han Li.

Han Li caught the stone before pressing it against his own forehead and injecting his spiritual sense into it.

Lan Ying merely sat across from him in silence with a faint smile on her face.

Around 15 minutes later, Han Li removed the slip from his forehead as an enlightened look appeared on his face. "Who would've thought that there would be people in the city lord's manor selling large amounts of Bloodtooth Rice in secret? Judging from the information in the slip, this group of people seems to occupy lofty positions in the city lord's manor. Alright, I'll take this information, and I accept the price; please disclose the contact method to me, Fairy Lan."

"Sure," Lan Ying replied with a nod before sending another stone flying toward Han Li with a sweep of her sleeve.

Han Li caught the stone and only injected his spiritual sense into it momentarily to ascertain the contact method, then rubbed his hands together to crush the stone into white powder.

After that, he flipped a hand over to produce a palm-sized white jade box.

"The item in the box should be more than enough as compensation for this information. If there are no issues, then I'd like to ask you about something else," Han Li said as he tossed the jade box toward Lan Ying.

"I'd be happy to help," Lan Ying replied as she drew the jade box into her grasp, then removed the lid and inspected its contents, upon which a pleased smile appeared on her face.

"Do you know the origins of this item?" Han Li asked as he flicked a finger through the air, and a green thread shot forth before revolving around the spinning wheel, then swept back toward him before forming a pea-sized ball of green Qi that rapidly revolved around his fingertip.

In the next instant, the spinning wheel was suddenly reduced to a pile of dust amid a dull thump.

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