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Even though these Wood Tribe beings weren't using any special cultivation arts, they had fought together on many past occasions, so their attacks and teamwork were completely seamless.

The four Spatial Tempering Stage devilish beings instantly formed a circle with their backs facing one another, then each thrust a palm forward.

They didn't appear to be exerting much force with their palm strikes, but fierce crimson shockwaves instantly swept forth in all directions.

Black runes could be seen within the crimson shockwaves, and the odor of blood and gore suddenly became a lot more pungent.

As soon as the azure streaks of light and azure Qi came into contact with the crimson shockwaves, they were immediately immobilized before quickly melting away at a rate that was discernible to the naked eye.

The surrounding Wood Tribe beings' expressions changed drastically upon seeing this, and they quickly switched to using all types of flying swords and treasures instead.

In the face of the oncoming treasures, the four devilish beings thrust forward their other palms like lightning, and the black runes within the crimson shockwaves instantly began to swell drastically in size.

A string of resounding booms rang out, and all of the treasures were repelled as if they had struck a giant mountain.

The four devilish beings harrumphed coldly as the crimson shockwaves continued to spread outward, while the black runes transformed into black vortexes of different sizes, targeting all of the surrounding Wood Tribe beings at once.

"Look out! Don't take those attacks head-on!" Fei Xiaoxi yelled as her expression changed drastically, and at the same time, she made a grabbing motion to summon a translucent dagger before slashing it downward without any hesitation.

A streak of white light that was over 1,000 feet in length was released by the dagger before slashing down toward the crimson shockwaves.

Even though these Wood Tribe beings weren't her brethren, it would not be a good look for her if they were to all perish under her command.

After hearing Fei Xiaoxi's words of warning, the Wood Tribe beings immediately shot back in retreat in an alarmed manner.

However, two of them were too slow to react and were swept up by the crimson shockwaves, upon which their protective treasures and spiritual light were instantly destroyed, while their bodies exploded amid two howls of anguish before being absorbed as energy by the crimson shockwaves.

The remaining Wood Tribe beings' faces all paled upon seeing this.

Thankfully, the massive streak of light came crashing down at this moment, and the crimson shockwaves were split down the middle, rendering them unable to attack any further.

The remaining Wood Tribe beings hurriedly fled to the edges of the five-colored light with fearful looks on their faces.

The Boundless Blood Devilish Arts unleashed by the four devilish beings was far more powerful than they could ima

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