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At the center of this group was a black devilish ark that was several times larger than the flying carriages around it. Most of the ark was concealed within devilish Qi, but there were some devilish beings that were visible on the ark, and their auras suggested that they were far more powerful than the devilish beings on the flying carriages.

All of a sudden, an elderly voice rang out from the giant ark. "How long until we reach Cottonwood City? The united army's three Grand Ascension Stage beings are all absent, and I had to expend a massive price to return to the Spirit Realm without being detected by the Wood Tribe, so failure is not an option here!"

"At our current speed, we'll get to Cottonwood City in around half a month, Master Tun Tian," an extremely respectful male voice replied.

"That's too slow! Yuan Cha and the others may not be able to buy me that much time. Speed up and make sure we get to Cottonwood City within 10 days. The holy tree is far more important to the Wood Tribe than you can imagine, and if we destroy it, the Wood Tribe won't be able to protect their remaining territory any longer," the elderly voice commanded.

"But Master Tun Tian, this is already the fastest speed that the Crescent Moon Flying Carriages can travel at while remaining hidden. If we go any faster, we might not be able to avoid detection from the Wood Tribe," the male voice replied hesitantly.

"That's alright, the united army is already being forced into retreat, so it's gathering all of its forces. As long as we exercise some caution, there won't be any issues. Besides, even if we encounter any Wood Tribe spies, I'll make sure they don't manage to escape alive," the elderly voice chuckled coldly.

"In that case, I'll relay your orders to everyone right away, Master Tun Tian," the male voice replied in an elated manner.

Shortly thereafter, the devilish ark and all of the flying carriages tremored slightly before accelerating drastically, but at the same time, they began to emit a faint buzzing sound that made them a lot less stealthy and inconspicuous.


Seven days later, Han Li was meditating at the foot of the giant tree when his expression suddenly changed slightly, and he immediately opened his eyes, as did Cao Ji and Fei Xiaox, who were seated on either side of him.

The three of them then looked up in unison, and after the span of just a few breaths, something came hurtling toward them from afar.

Azure light flashed, and a streak of sword Qi that was several feet in length arrived.

Han Li's eyes narrowed slightly as he swept a hand toward the distance, and the streak of sword Qi circled around in the air above the valley before descending toward the massive tree.

Han Li made a grabbing motion, and a small azure sword projection appeared in his hand, within which was contained a white jade slip.

He rubbed his hands together, and the azure light instantly faded, leaving only the small jade sl

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