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A speck of golden light suddenly appeared on Daoist Xie's fingertip, then instantly transformed into a golden ball of light with a diameter of around 10 feet.

The black ax projection struck the ball of light in a completely soundless manner, but in the next instant, the ball of light flashed violently a few times before self-detonating, unleashing bursts of golden shockwaves that swept toward the ax projection in retaliation.

Golden and black light intertwined, and the black ax projection was unable to advance any further.

A look of surprise appeared on the golden-armored man's face while a series of balls of golden light erupted out of thin air around Han Li, then shot forth in all directions as countless thin sword projections.

Spatial fluctuations erupted within these sword projections, and a pair of humanoid figures were forced to reveal themselves.

One of them had gusts of fierce winds revolving around his body to sweep away the oncoming sword projections, while the other was surrounded by arcs of lightning that eradicated all of the nearby sword projections with ease.

These two were none other than the green-robed elderly man and the three-eyed armored man.

The two of them were clearly very surprised to have been forced out of thin air, and they immediately turned toward Han Li with vicious expressions.

The two devilish women were also quite taken aback by this, and the two exchanged a surprised glance.

"Hmph, you've got some backbone! Do you really think the two of you can contend with all five of us? Have you deluded yourselves into thinking that you're both Grand Ascension Stage beings? Do you have a death wish?" the green-robed elderly man harrumphed coldly.

"I'm no Grand Ascension cultivator, but you're not true Sacred Ancestors, either, so what do I have to fear?" Han Li replied with a calm smile.

"What a big mouth you have! Fellow daoists, it looks like we'll have to take care of him before we can continue onward. Let's kill him together, then continue on our way," the elderly man said as a cold light flashed through his eyes.

Even though he didn't know why Han Li was so confident, a hint of peril had suddenly welled up in his heart, and he knew that he couldn't treat Han Li lightly.

"Don't stick your noses into this battle! These two are my opponents; do you really think I can't take care of a pair of Body Integration Stage beings?" the golden-armored man roared with a furious expression.

His four companions were just about to spring into action, but they couldn't help but falter slightly upon hearing this.

"Brother Niu, have you forgotten the orders we received? The outcome of this battle hinges on our success; this is no time for you to be throwing a fit! If we lose this battle because of you, then you'll have to answer to our masters," the elderly man threatened in a cold voice as his expression darkened slightly.

The golden-armored man shuddered upon hearing this

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